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SAIL BOATS r^OTOR BOATS Tecnicomar AquaMIX and AquaMIX I (Top & Under versions) is a compact, high performing and automatic system that supplies instant fresh water: chilled, sparkling and at room temperature. Aquamix I Top is the only device that has got a front compartment for housing the front purification filter (optional) and CO2 cylinder, with easy access that allows a simple maintenance by user. It has got quick and simplified connectors for easy oversink installation. The Aquamix I Under model, with the same characteristics, is designed to be installed under the sink. No external water tank! For high production,AquaMIX (Top & Under versions) is the ideal solution on board for your chilled and sparkling fresh water. AquaMIX I Under ^^^^^^^^H • HIGH EFFICIENCY: SUPPLIES FROM 16TO 20 LITRES/HOUR OF COLD, SPARKLING AND AT ROOM TEMPERATURE FRESHWATER • DIGITAL CONTROL WITH MULTI-FUNCTION DISPLAY FOR REGULATING THE WATER TEMPERATURE, C02 DIAGNOSIS AND FILTER CONDITION •AUTO FILLING FOR SINGLE GLASS AND PITCHER EASILY PROGRAMMABLE • FRONT PANEL IN STAINLESS STEELAISI 304 • MAXIMUM NOISE OF COOLING SYSTEM DURING OPERATION: ONLY 32 dB AquaMIX Under • Filtration and chlorination system with UV sterilizer • Reverse Osmosis water treatment system • Additional tap for water at room temperature, 3 or 5 ways • Rechargeable C02 cylinder (for UNDER model) AquaMIX is equipped with filtering cartridges Technical Data Power supply (voltage I frequency) Power consumption (Watt I hour) AquaMIX I (Top & Under versions) COOLING CAPACITY Room temperature Liters of cold water per hour at 10 °C Glasses of cold water of 200 CC per hour

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