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Total battery management for 2 batteries Charge 2 x 12V batteries independently Optimally activates new MF batteries ampmatic automatic current control TM Professional test and maintenance cycle Optimises battery power and life The new OptiMate PRO-2 is an affordable all-in-one dual-battery care centre for professional use on motorcycle and other leisure and power sports batteries. Diagnostics, charging, testing and technically correct activation charging for brand new MF batteries, in a single device. Just connect one or two (even dissimilar) 12V batteries and its radically new ampmatic microprocessor, the result of more than 15 years experience, optimally sets and continually adjusts the bulk charge current to best suit the evolving condition of each battery. It is also possible to charge two 12V batteries in series. An enhanced multi-stage version of the acclaimed OptiMate desulphation action automatically recovers most badly neglected, otherwise “dead” batteries and dead cells are identied and signaled after 10 minutes of connection. The affordable new OptiMate PRO-2. Total professional battery optimisation TM

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How it works Connect 1 output to each of two 12V batteries or to each + / - pair of series-connected 12V (=24V) battery posts. 1. Initialisation: OptiMate PRO-S checks that it is connected to a battery ( = minimum voltage 1,8V). 2. Programming: The 2 OptiMate PRO-2 ouputs each require connection to a battery (of minimum voltage 1,8V) to activate 3. Desulphation and recovery: if necessary, 2 or 3 stages of high voltage and oscillatory pulsing are applied to recover neglected, at batteries (removed from the vehicle) from sulphation to a chargeable state. 4. Bulk charge: the ampmatic processor...

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