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ACCUMATE 6/12 - 1

PRODUCT INFO Automatic interactive multi-stage charger & maintainer for all 6 & 12 volt lead-acid batteries. battery selection battery selection battery charged & ready charging normally short circuit - No fuses! tery voltage selection; inverse polarity connection; charging; charge completed (or battery sul- • Ideal for maintaining in optimal -regularly used vehicles of all types such as 'classic' oldtimers, as well as deep-cycle batteries used in stand-by power applications. • Multi-stage charging program using constant current, then constant voltage, ensures effective charging of the battery, whether sealed (gel or AGM) or with filler caps, and the automatic float charge then perfectly maintains • Absolutely safe for prolonged connection to the battery, with- • Very easy to use (and fully protected against incorrect use) : just select for 6 or 12V battery, connect to battery, then to mains. • Supplied with 2 detachable & interchangeable battery connec- tion sets : the one, with in-line battery protection fuse & eyelets batteries remaining on-vehicle, nector for quick connection/dis- connection, the other has battery clips for bench charging. • 2 years limited warranty. Optional accessories.

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ACCUMATE 6/12 - 2

Versatile automatic charger and maintainer for modern and classic batteries. Technical advantages (marine quality) interactive gramme ensures a highly effective and complete charge pact size. This is achieved as 1) Bulk charge : a 1,2 Amps effective charge current is maintained constant through- out the main charging stage for maximum charging effi- ciency and minimum charge charging voltage is precisely monitored and when this has risen to 14,3V it is then held at this level until the current has fallen to 200mA, to ensure full charging program now switches over to 'float charge' at a vol-...

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