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index Company profile______________________________________________________________________________________ World wide sales and service_________________________________________________________________ Refrigeration____________________________________________________________________________________________ 8 - 13 AC/DC Models_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10 - 12 Portable Refrigeration___________________________________________________________________________________________ 13...

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Company profile The Thetford Group for the last 50 years has been recognized as the world market leader in mobile sanitation systems, refrigerators, cooking equipment and sanitation additives. Thetford Marine as the nautical division, has a complete and marine-dedicated product line consisting of the strong brands of Tecma for sanitation, Thetford for portable sanitation and Norcold for refrigeration. The marine world is one of sophisticated equipment, beautiful design and impressive performance. Boat designers, builders, owners, crews, and users all have a vested interest in the smooth...

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World wide sales and service network As an experienced full system supplier, Thetford Marine understands the needs of OEM, yards, architects and yachtsmen, therefore our products are globally available thanks to our extensive and reliable worldwide distribution network. Thetford Marine understands that buyers and users of marine equipment occasionally have to service their equipment. This must be convenient and fast. Our large network of Thetford Marine Service locations are located across the world and offer professional support, stocks of spare parts and immediate in-port response....

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Norcold silent refrigerators will keep your provisions fresh, tasty and reliably cool whatever the outside temperature. Quiet, dependable, and designed to last for years, our compressor refrigerators are ideal for marine applications. Thetford offers a comprehensive line of top performing compressor refrigerators, working on both DC and AC. Top of the line is the 0061, a two door model with contemporary flush mount styling. This is the coolest unit we offer: with a large freezer separated from an even larger refrigerator. Benefits • E xceptionally quiet, hermetically sealed compressor •...

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NR751 • 2.7 cu. ft. NR740 • 1.7 cu. ft. • Perfectly refits Norcold DE-0740/0751 • Danfoss BD35 compressor improves performance, especially at higher ambient temperatures • LED interior light • Improved styling - new “hidden” ventilation grill • Fewer SKUs help streamline your product mix • Base model is 12/24V DC - Optional Power Cord allows for AC operation • Freezer door • Can be flush-or-proud mounted without additional hardware • Self-venting – a Norcold exclusive • 2-year warranty Model comparison on page 9. Power Cords for NR751 and NR740 Amps NR740BB Proud Flush HxWxD (D) NR751 BB =...

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0061 / 0041 AC/DC Models 0061 • 7.0 cu. ft. • Top-of-the-line, two door model • Now with Danfoss Compressor • Comtemporary Flushmount™ styling • Self-ventilated design for easier integration • Exceptionally quiet, hermetically-sealed compressor • Drip tray drain hose – A 5-foot Extension Accessory Kit is available for the Drip Tray Drain Hose, Norcold Part #625127 • 12-volt fan aids airflow across condenser and compressor for improved cooling • Reversible doors • Black exterior trim with optional panel • Storage for varied sizes, including 2-liter, 1/2-gallon and gallon containers •...

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DE105 • 3.3 cu. ft. • Combination Refrigerator/Freezer • Two white powder-coated wire shelves with raised lip • Dual clear door bins • LED interior light • Flush*, undercounter mounting • 2-year warranty Model comparison on page 9. DE = Dual Electric: AC (Alternating Current US/Canada, 120 Volts @ 60 hz) and DC (Direct Current, 12 or 24 Volts) B = Black Door Panel Black Panel *Depth increases by 1.375" if installed with flush doors to the cabinet. Specifications subject to change.

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PORTABLE REFRIGERATION Convenient and durable The perfect products for family outings, long trips, or just big appetites. A movable fridge always on hand! Features • Electronic temperature control panel displays the internal temperature • Stainless steel interior prevents stains and improves cooling and allows the user to set desired temperature • Separate ‘refrigerator only’ section prevents freezing of select items • CFC- free insulation foam and refrigerant • Battery protection with three adjustable levels, prevents battery drain • Hermetically sealed compressor with built-in low voltage...

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Beautiful boats deserve beautiful sanitary hardware For those who design, build, own and charter boats, the beauty, performance and long term value of their product and their investment is paramount. At this juncture of uncompromising engineering and elegant styling the world of marine sanitation is a critical detail which has to perform trouble free. This is the world of Tecma, the macerator sanitation brand of Thetford Marine. Benefits at a glance Top design, quality components and production, uncompromising attitude and fast response to client needs have made Tecma the leading supplier...

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The water inlet device delivers clean water to the inside of the toilet bowl. The macerator pump, integrated in the ceramic toilet, grinds the waste and then transfers it to the black water holding tank. The flush cycle is activated by pressing the control panel buttons. INLET PUMP CONTROL PANEL WATER INLET DEVICE SOLENOID OR INLET PUMP WASTE WATER CLEAN WATER TOILET TANK 3 components with several possibilities Each Tecma macerator toilet is ready to be installed with fast and easy electrical connectors and standard size hose fittings, for clean water inlet and waste water outlet. China...

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