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We ate a company based in Spain, specialized in design and production of equipment for Container Handling Lashing, General Cargo, Wind Energy and Equipment for Personnel Security in Terminals and Ports. have developed different product lines aimed at the port activity, currently representing the following Branches. More than 35 years of experience safety cages Technical department + Factory Tec Container has developed through the years a great variety of original designs for Handling Equipment. Our products are constantly improved, we provide the best solution for handling special cargo....

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SAFETY CAGES THE RIGHT OPTION TO WORK SAFELY Result of development work with stevedoring and workplace safety companies, we present the BA-185 safety cage for spreaders, with it i< three models depending on the use to which Series L For Intense Stevedoring Purposes. The L series is equipped and prepared to facilitate the work of stevedores, having two removable inner bins for twistlocks storage. It has four doors, two for entry and exit operators and two specially designed for an easily download the containers by using forklift. Series B. The Best for Internal Transport: This cage has the...

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SAFETY CAGES Basic Equipment Every safety cage is equipped with the followin basic equipment: • Double Safety Connection Cage-Spreader o Automatic: Through the Twistlocks of o Manual: By using a safety Quick Hook and Chain from the interior of the cage. • Safety Railing along the whole perimeter • Completely covered Ceiling except in the corners, which remain opened to enable fitting of manual couplings of cage to the • 150mm high Toe Recess along the whole • Non-slip floor with drain spots. • Two doors, one on each side, with opening towards the interior, spring close-system and automatic...

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OVERHEICHT FRAMES Fully Automatic Overheight Frames Main Features • Triple salely system: o Pins which detect the contact with the container. o Sensors which detect the positions ol the cones. o light signal clearly visible lor ciane operator. Opening and Locking directly activated from cockpit. Fully programmable Ptc to* safety system control. Very easy maintenance. Energy supplied by gel bat:ery: long life duration and cutling- edge technology. Battery charger incorporated. Optional Fqiiinmpnt Solar panels Extra set of security Twistlwks. Extra set of safety lights. Annual safety check....

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The constant contact with port terminals helps to develop the different products and solutions that Tec Container provides, thanks to that we can ofler the right model (or each terminal, whatever your budget or your technical needs are. Thanks to these developments. Tec Container presents the 8Ao?oET, our most advanced fully electric and telecopic model, it's main feature is "Plug ft Play" technology, which allows to use it with any spreader from the first day without modifications, permitting to follow the cycle of loading / unloading of the different machines available in the terminal....

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Tec Container presents Container Spreaders. Tec Container, for mow than 3$ years, has produced over 1000 light spreaders, developing a wide range ol customized solutions. All these solutions and expertise have been uploaded to ContainerSpreader.com. a website that allows you to conligure and customize spreaders according to your needs and budget. SPREADERS. 1 with photographs and technical information. A pioneering tool in the sector that will facilitate the decision-making.

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WIND INDUSTRY EQUIPMENT More efficiency, lower cost of machinery, minimizes the space required to siock by reducing ihe store place, fewer number of operators ... all without losing security! The numerous solutions deve- loped together with the main companies of wind industry, make from Tec Container a reference in Frame BA-190 loading wind lower section BA-i 10 for forkliti handling wind rotor

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OTHER EQUIPMENT The volume, weight and way ol loading of goods in a port terminal is very diverse, and facilities must be as versatile as possible without forgetting safety and efficiency of cargo handling. Tec Container technical department is fully aware of these premises and continually proposes and develops solutions to maximize the performance of the machinery. The models presented here are only examples of an extensive range of solutions that have been designed for different terminals, from a single beam to more complex equipment for wind energy

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28840 • Mejorada Del Campo • Madrid • Spain

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