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Special attacments for Forklift and Reacstackers

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TEC CONTAINER SA, designs, produces and sells since 1976, all kinds of customized attachments for Reach Stacker and Forklifts. These attachments enhance its multi-purpose use, reducing costs and increasing security and productivity in the daily operations of our customers. Asociacion Espanola

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Attachments for BOAT HANDLING BA-172 TEC has a very wide range of attachments From Nylon sleeves for the forks to lift small boats to very sophisticated attachments that include: • Hydraulic opening to embrace craft from • Negative elevation to load from the water and to leave the boat on the water easily. • SWL and Length upon request. Attachments for Container HANDLING BA-012H • Forklift pockets according to customer • Security pins to ensure a safe conexion between the twistlocks and the container. The spreader is attached to the forks by a mechanical latching system. SWL according to...

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Attachments for Rolls and Coils Movement BA-141 The attachment is linked to the Forklift truck using a mechanical latching system. The Coil handler can be fixed or can be 180° rotating using the hydraulic power provided from the forklift. SWL and Main dimmensions are according Attachments for Slabs Handling These attachments are designed to multiply the potential use of the forklifts trucks. We produce these attachments adapted to any Fork size, width and capacity of Attachments for General Cargo forklift into a multi purpose customer requirements.

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Multipurpose Frame with Lower Hook Multipurpose Beam with Lower Hook This Frame and this Beam transform any spreader into a Multipurpose transporter with a lower hook for General Cargo. Different configurations, lengths and SWL (Up to 80 Tons) according to customer's use and needs. Parking stand included. Multipurpose Frame with Lower Coil Handler As an evolution from the BA-110 (check above these lines) the BA-110CP transform any Spreader for container into a Coilhandler. SWL and sizes are according to customer's Parking stand included. Special Spreader for Wind Blade Handling Project...

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Multipurpose Frame with Multiple lower Lifting points: BA-110L This Frame transforms any spreader into a Multipurpose transporter with multiple lower lifting points for General Cargo. Multiple configurations, lengths and Parking stand included. Overheight Frame for Open Cargo: BA-030 A classic for Flat Racks and Open cargo Handling with ReachStacker. All options available: Telescopic or fixed, Fully automatic or mechanical. All kind of sizes and Free Heigh. Contact us for further details Lateral Coil Handler for ReachStacker: BA-110T eases the load / unload of transversal coils from or to a...

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