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Marina World www.mar inawor ld.com Waterfront Auckland Westhaven Plan Special Feature Supplement

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Providing robust and lowest life-cost solutions • Power • Water • Access

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WESTHAVEN PLAN A pioneering plan for Auckland’s waterfront Westhaven Marina is the biggest marina in the southern hemisphere and the heart of Auckland boating. It sits within a 45-hectare property base owned by Waterfront Auckland and is an iconic city centre hub that has helped to give Auckland its moniker as the city of sails. Owned and operated since November 2010 by Waterfront Auckland – a council controlled organisation – Westhaven is pivotal to a revitalisation plan for the Auckland city waterfront. Waterfront Auckland was established to pioneer such a project on behalf of Auckland...

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WESTHAVEN PLAN The pile moorings, as indicated, are scheduled to be redeveloped into floating berths in stage one of the Westhaven Plan. head of Wynyard Point using the same entrance to Westhaven Marina. Silo Marina is one of Auckland’s prime superyacht mooring facilities and will be complemented by a new adjacent superyacht refit centre. association, a Mãori cultural overlay is included. Mãori design details, shell materials, land-sea references, plant material sourcing and navigation elements have been incorporated into the design. The path will measure 5m in width and its 2km length will...

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The difcult is easy. For the impossible you need Bellingham Marine. “That’s what I love about working for Bellingham Marine.” Unioat has outperformed every other pontoon system. Westhaven Marina in Auckland told us to make it better. Impossible? Our engineers developed bre reinforced polymer tie rods with glass-nylon nuts: better corrosion resistance, stays snug for reduced maintenance. They asked for it. We did it. Tell us about your marina project. bellingham-marine.com Bruce Birtwistle, General Manager. Bellingham Marine New Zealand. 17 years of service with Bellingham Marine.

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LOOKING FOR MARINA EXPERTISE? OUR SERVICES: Westhaven Marina, Auckland Waiheke Island (Proposed Marina) Marina expansion; Berth Layouts, Marina Specication, Business Case, Contract negotiations and Project Delivery New Marina; Berth Mix and Layout, Consent Approvals, Environment Court Process, Procurement and Project Management MIRRILESS ROAD SERVICE LANE PO Box 147003, Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand +64 (0)9 360 9355 info@wardale.co.nz www.wardale.co.nz LOT 1001 = service lane 3258 sqm (Stage 3) Tauranga City Council Mirriless Road CROSS ROAD Staging added Amend car parking Lots 16/17 2....

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WESTHAVEN PLAN St Mary’s Bay prior to construction of the Westhaven Promenade, which runs along the foreshore to the right. The pontoons and landscaping being installed as part of the project will provide much better access to the bay. practice with regard to car parking. The concept design for the project is at preliminary stages and the project has part funding in the Auckland Council Long-term Plan. Additional funding will be required. In stage one, approximately 50% of the existing pile moorings will be reconfigured to provide upgraded marina berths to accommodate 16, 18 and 20m...

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WESTHAVEN PLAN AIM: ^Tobe the most successful marina in the southern hemisphere and home to a globally renowned marine industry. To be an iconic Auckland destination that is vibrant, accessible and attracts people to the sea? The driving principle behind the plan for Westhaven is to build a deeper sense of place and vitality while at the same time taking advantage of an authentic, working marina. To help achieve this aim, Waterfront Auckland appointed UK-based consultants, Marina Projects, and Wardale Ltd of New Zealand for master planning, feasibility studies, market research, business...

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WESTHAVEN PLAN the site assessment phase included the establishment of detailed constraints and opportunity plans. In order to optimise use of water space and maximise financial returns, it was important to project for future growth in vessel size and type. Tom Warren, Waterfront Auckland’s general manager marinas, explained: “The future means bigger boats and, significantly for Westhaven, it points to an increase in motor boats rather than sail. We are currently at about 92% occupancy but we have a waiting list for larger berths and catamaran berths.” Marina Projects put together a range...

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WESTHAVEN PLAN Each T4 Tallykey pedestal installed at the new Y Pier serves two berths. Lighting was also seen as a cost that needed to be trimmed, and nothing less than LED efficiency would suffice. Tallykey accelerated its design programme for LED installation so as to satisfy the brief. T4 pedestals will thus light up the dockside while consuming 56% less energy than the existing fluorescent bulbs. Ambience is also improved with the 3000K warm colour LED that gives tallykey pedestals their well known inviting glow. Wireless technology Going wireless: comms into the future As Westhaven...

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SECURE YOUR OWN PIECE OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC. A unique opportunity exists for the development and operation of a marine and superyacht ret facility on a landmark waterfront site in Auckland, New Zealand. Expressions of interest are sought from marine operators, developers, investors on or before the closing date of 21st November 2014 to acquire: • 16,241m2 of marine zoned land. • 10,663m2 of adjacent water space. Site boundary indicative only. Concept Plan of Wynyard Marine. Silo Park Working Sheds For more information visit colliers.co.nz/26128 or contact: Jason Seymour:...

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WESTHAVEN PLAN the berths, the system also measures water and power used by onsite commercial tenants. All the consumption data is logged and stored in the master radio regardless of whether it is connected to a computer or not. This means that the data is always available and can never be lost. The master radio and the data can be accessed at any time by a local computer with a USB connection or via Remote reading The main feature of tallybee is swift and easy remote reading of any kind of consumption from each supply point in the marina. It takes just one mouse click to read the...

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