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settling consumption and access control based on tallycard+ and tallybee systems, tallymaster+ is a simple and user-friendly software program for administrating consumption and access. The customer database of the program has quick and efficient search possibilities, and the simple, clear design makes the program a great help in every day's work. Anyone can use tallymaster"1", and the program is installed in just a few minutes. This makes the tallymaster"1" the simplest way of fully controlling both consumption and access. File Report Setup Help Customer account Andrew Brust Charles Petzold...

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tallymaster+ basic tallymaster4" basic is developed to cover the need for settling power consumption with The program makes it possible to issue cards with an amount of money to spend on power. In this way the consumption of each guest is paid in advance, which prevents With the built-in cash register function it takes only few seconds to return a card, settle and issue a receipt. With tallymaster+ basic and tallycard"1" your investment will very quickly pay for itself! Settling power consumption with tallycard"1" Customer account All the important customer data are visible on the screen at...

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tallymaster+ standard Settling of Power Consumption and Access Control with Card In the standard version of tallymaster4" power consumption is administrated exactly as in the "basic" version (see previous page). However this version also contains the option of access control with or without payment for up to 5 different types of facilities. Doors and gates are typical examples of access points without payment. Access control with payment could be showers, At each different facility the guest is met by our elegant and timeless card readers in a classic Danish design. Operating the system is...

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tallymaster+ tallybee Remote reading of consumption This version of tallymaster4" is developed to support remote reading of power meters with tallybee, the markets most robust and reliable radio system. With tallybee and tallymaster"1" the customer's power consumption can be read directly on your computer screen. The system also gives the possibility to activate and deactivate outlets from your computer. Last, but not least, tallybee offers the option of remote controlling anything that can be electrically controlled! The user-friendly structure of the frames gives an excellent overview....

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tallymaster+ combi File Report Setup Help Delete customer . Customer details TallyBee network Customer search Customer data First name |Charies Last name [Petzold Area code Customer details Consu mptton | Amount | Sta rt date Online_|_^J Customer table loaded, time: 0.0[s] tallymaster+ combi gives you free choice With tallymaster"1" combi you can combine the card system with remote reading. In other words, it is possible to establish quick and easy remote reading of power consump- tion along with the use of a card system for accesses and facilities with payment Both power consumption and...

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tallymaster+ combi also supports the market's most secure and flexible system, tallypro, where the data always is updated and never gets lost... tallymaster4" combi offers the possibility to in- stall the market's most complete system for controlling consumption and accesses. The customer uses his tallycard+ for both payment of consumption and accesses. At the same time all units in the system are wireless connected with current updating: ■ Information about a customer's consumption can never be lost, as all data are updated in real time on the computer screen. ■ Lost cards can immediately...

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The tallycard+ System • The market’s most robust system. • Based on Philips Mifare technology with very high data safety. • Prepayment or credit. • Possibility of vending machine with user-friendly self-service 24•7. • No vulnerable cables or chips! tallycard+ functions wireless. • Cards can be printed with customer’s logo. Even more possibilities with tallymanager If the requirements increase we can offer the complete administration software system tallymanager for harbours and marinas. tallymanager has a graphical map, intuitive operation on a touch screen, optional online booking, and...

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