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tallymanager The Complete Administration System for Marinas and Harbours…

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The Complete Management Software System for Marinas and Harbours… tallymanager is a complete system for the administration of marinas and harbours. The program is fast and easy to use, and gives you a full overview. It has been our goal from the beginning to create the market’s most complete administration software being able to handle any aspect of the facility management. First and foremost the graphical maps give you a unique overview of occupancy, and vacant berths are found within seconds. The program is also created to handle contract customers. All functions are backed by the...

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Berth Administration with Graphical Site Map of the Marina iktioner Vcerktajer 11 —i ■ Konlraklpladser I I Online reservation tallymanager gives the perfect overview with the graphical site map of the marina. Vacant berths are quickly found, and if so all details get clearer, and if you want to assign a berth to someone, you just tallymanager gives a perfect overview of all booked berths on a timeline. You can very quickly form a general view of the present and future occupancy. At the same time you can see, directly on the screen, the possibility to shift ves- sels round if needed, and in...

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Filer Moduler Vis Funktioner Vasrktpjer Filer Module Havn - Kontraktpladser Hjselp Ryd searing Kontant Avanceret signing Seriest beriyttede Alls kunder Opret ny kur POUL JOHANSEN, Vejle Til | 31-12-2011 |jp) |~F| Ingen sluidalo Sealiner Karabina, Karabina - Sejlbad Example of a berth contract, based on information from Contract Berths - the Core of any Marina tallymanager is created to handle the contract berths of the marina. The establishment of a customer agreement and the regular administration and settlement is quickly carried out by the help of the clear frames, which can be...

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Customer Database Filer Moduler Vis Funktbner VasrktSjer Avanceret signing Senest beryttede Alle kinder Opret ny kunde

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Cash Register Function Filer Moduler Vis Funktioner VasrktBjer j^^^ Kundekarlotek tallymanager's built-in cash register function offers a variety of possibilities, which makes settlement quick and uncomplicated. In the cash register you can set up item groups, which can contain physical goods or services. Furthermore, the consumption of power and water can be settled, and if you have tallycard+ or tallybee remote reading the consumption can be transferred to the customer's account in Of course the cash register works fine on a computer screen using mouse and keyboard, but tallymanager is...

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On-line Booking Please note: Possibility of booking special services! More and more people book their vacation and other services over the internet, and taUymanager, of course, offers the pos- sibility to have a fully integrated online booking system. From a link on the ma- rina's own homepage the customer is di- rected to a clear and easy booking page, where it is possible to book, and pay if Booking of Special Services A quite unique feature in taUymanager is the option for online booking (and pre- payment) of special services, such as put- ting a boat in the water or taking it out....

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Payment and Access Control with Card System Sanest benyttede Alls lajndar Opret ri) Adgangsprofik |Gsest Sprog |Dansk Opret kort Returner kort Til kassen A tallycard+ with an amount for consumpsion and access to various facilities, is issued in less than With tallymanager it is possible to get payment for electricity and water as well The program handles all possibilities within the card system e.g. payment for various facilities and services and access control. Access control could be access to toilets, bath room, wash rooms, hoist, skip and waste water pump. The possibilities are only...

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Remote Reading of Consumption S talus Historik Fiegnskab Havn - Kontraktpladser

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Wireless Data Updating The Complete Solution, where all Data are Updated Immediately The Complete Solution, where all Data are Updated Immediately, tallybee-s is the system that completes tallymanager and connects all units wireless. The advantage of this is full data security, where all information is stored 3 different places and the option to control e.g. accesses and logging of events. A very valued function of tallybee-s is the possibility of blacklisting a missing or stolen card immediately. Abuse is as good as eliminated and any use of card for payment or access will be logged...

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Statistics with Graphical Charts and Reports □ vernatninger TallyCard+ oversigl Havn Kontraktplads TallyMate+ - Havn CLAUS BR/ENDST.. It is very simple to have data viewed or printed out in tallymanager, and then the program takes care of the rest! tallymanager gives the option for advanced stati- stics and reporting. All frames and graphics can be personalized to contain data as required. The program itself logs all information about sales and all data about consumption and accesses. These data are the basis of the statistics module. It is possible to make statistics for e.g. all overnight...

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Self-service 24-7 Optional tallymanager is offering the customers self-service around the clock with the tallymate vending machine. When a guest arrives the vending machine issues a tallycard+ with a sum of money for consumption. At the same time the machine can take harbour fee and issue receipt, perhaps in form of a label to stick to the rail of the boat. If the guest needs more money on the card during his stay, this can be done by the machine at any time. When the guest departs, the tallymate can return the surplus, if such is on the card, and issue a receipt. Facts and features •...

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