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elegant super-yacht power supply... The newly introduced TallyKey T8 pedestal means our stylish and elegant danish design can now also supply super-yachts with power and water. The T8 offers electrical outlets of up to 400 A, along with max. two 1 inch water taps. For the registration of consumption charges the T8 can be equipped with electricity and water meters, or the versatile and user-friendly TallyCard payment system. Please ask your TallyKey distributor or contact TallyKey A/S for more information. Technical specifications • Water taps: Max. 2x1 inch. • Built-in low-energy lamp at the top. • Standard mounting flange for concrete. require sturdy and reliable cable connections. safe terminal connection. E-mail: mail@tallykey.dk Internet: www.tallykey.dk Your distributor:

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