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Flexible and Durable Aluminum Supply Pedestal,-. tally keyBy

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Tallykey T4 Tallykey T4 is an uncomplicated and user-friendly power and water supply pedestal for marinas and campsites. Facts and Features: • 2 or 4 power outlets • Optional water taps • Optional hose rack • Elegant low-energy lamp at the top • Three different solutions for registration/payment. The T4 is a versatile supply solution, simple and extremely durable. The timeless design speaks for itself, positively contributing to the guest's perception of your marina or campsite. Furthermore, the choice of quality materials is your guarantee for many years of flawless operation. Elegant...

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Optional Hose Rack T4 can be delivered with a hose rack mounted on the back, and the hose rack can also be retrofitted later. Recording/Payment Power consumption is rapidly growing worldwide in marinas and campsites, so individual payment of the consumption charges saves money and splits costs in a fair manner. Tallykey offers three different solutions for recording and payment of power consumption. Power Meters Tallykey also offers a very elegant free-standing hose rack, with or without tap. Elegant Front Door All ELB-relays/fuses, meters and, if present, card readers, are protected behind...

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T4 Technical Specifications Heigth: Weight: Outlets: Water taps: Safety: Top lamp: Temperature: IP-class: Conformity: 90,2 cm 7 - 20 kg, according to model 2 or 4 2, 1/2" + optional hose rack Each outlet is protected by an automatic circuit breaker, and ELB protection. 1 x 15 Watt high-efficiency bulb - 20 t0 + 60 degrees Celsius IP45 IEC 60439-3 Delivered with a standard flange Power connection: CU, 2.5 to 16 mm2 Water: 20 mm PL-tube Materials: Pedestal body: Anodised aluminium 6063 Screws and bolts: Acid-proof steel A4 Y Maintenance: X Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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