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Tahe Outdoors catalogue 2020 - 2

WORLD OF WATERSPORTS WORLD OF WATERSPORTS Tahe Outdoors is the top manufacturer and distributor of high quality watersport products in Europe. In 1989, competition paddlers Indrek Tull and Taavi Rajasalu founded Tahe Outdoors in Estonia. The first kayak was built with the help of Finnish colleagues from the Finnish Canoe Federation. In 2007, the company was restructured when two brothers, Marek Pohla and Janek Pohla joined the company. Today, Tahe Outdoors offers the largest selection of watersports products including - stand up paddling, kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing and...

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Tahe Outdoors catalogue 2020 - 3

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Innovation, quality, durability are all key to respecting the environment Innovation and product quality are essential factors in respecting the environment. When innovative products are designed with quality and durability in mind, they can provide years of use and enjoyment. These principles have been demonstrated, time and time again, by the thousands of children having fun, season after season, using the Techno 293 OD windsurf board due to the durability and lighter weight of ACE-TEC boards; surf schools have invested in our DURA-TEC boards because the timeless...

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Tahe Outdoors catalogue 2020 - 4

Tahe Outdoors is unique in our industry because we are capable of several manufacturing techniques including: thermoforming, thermoforming around a core material, blow molding/blown extrusion, rotomolding and composite laminates. Tahe Outdoors is the only manufacturer in the world to have all these manufacturing techniques available. This enables us to produce six different product types with consistency, quality and faithfulness to the original design, every time. ACE-TEC / TOUGH-TEC ACE-TEC: Under heat and pressure in aluminum molds we thermoform a durable, impactresistant skin over...

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Tahe Outdoors catalogue 2020 - 5

Thermoforming around a Polystyrene Core Key Features: • Molded, light weight and watertight 15 kg/m3 EPS Foam Core. • Fiberglass reinforcement for improved stiffness and performance. • ASA Polymer outer skin for unmatched durability and impact resistance. • Embossed EVA foam pad for maximum comfort. • Molded external inserts – no penetrations through outer shell and maximum strength. Key Features: • Molded, Watertight EPS Foam Core for structural integrity and stiffness. • Extremely tough outer polyethylene skin for extreme impact resistance. • Embossed EVA foam pad for maximum comfort. •...

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Tahe Outdoors catalogue 2020 - 6

OVERVIEW TOUGH-TEC 9'2 TOUGH 10'6 TOUGH 11'6 TOUGH SLIDE Length Width Weight Volume Technology Ref. BEACH 10'6" | 320cm 34.0" | 86cm 44lbs | 20kg 260L Hollow-PE *Measurements and visuals are prelim PERFORMER WING BEACH BREEZE Technology ACE-TEC 'Measurements and visuals are preliminary*Measurements and visuals are preliminary

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Tahe Outdoors catalogue 2020 - 7

1- High load strength molded-in attachment points for securing sports camera or T-Grip carry handles as well as for nose/tail line for transport. 2- High load strength molded-in attachment points for securing deck bungee and accessories. 3- Ergo-Grip carry handle for ease of transport and loading. 4- Embossed traction pad for comfort and grip. 5- Integrated rail guard for added durability. 6- Moderate rocker profile for flat water glide and wave surfing performance. 7- Tapered rails for surfing performance. 1- Deck pad. 2- Rugged Polyethylene Outer Shell. 3- Molded, Watertight EPS Foam...

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Tahe Outdoors catalogue 2020 - 8

OVERVIEW MINI MALIBU Length 6’7’’ | 198cm Width 20.75’’ | 53cm Thickness 2.40’’ | 6.0cm Volume 38L Shaper Gérard Dabbadie Ref. 101693 MAXI SHORTBOARD SUPER MAGNUM START & EVOLVE MINI SHORTBOARD Length Width Thickness Volume Ref.

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Tahe Outdoors catalogue 2020 - 9

DURA-TEC - BUILT TO LAST KEY FEATURES: • Used exclusively for BIC Surf, for surfboards that are built to last. • Closed cell PU inner core for structural integrity and board stiffness. • Strong blow-moulded outer PE skin for ding resistance, long-term durability. • Molded external fin inserts - no penetrations through outer shell and maximum strength. 1 1- Polyethylene outer shell. 2- Polyurethane foam inner core. 3- Polyethylene outer shell. 2 3 G-BOARDS KEY FEATURES: • Premium quality design and construction = Excellent mid to long term investment. • High quality closed-cell foam = very...

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Tahe Outdoors catalogue 2020 - 10

FCS II CONNECT FCS II CONNECT FCS II CONNECT FCS II CONNECT FCS Dolphin 10" Touring 9" Dolphin 8" Dolphin 9" Soft M-5 Fin Glass Fex Set SURF FINS \// FCS II CONNECT FCS II CONNECT Dolphin 8" Dolphin 9" Soft SURF SOFTBOARDS FINS ^ 9 ft Ankle Strap / Allround Surf Q 6 ft (ref: 101374) Calf Strap / Allround Flatwater 101378

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Tahe Outdoors catalogue 2020 - 11

BIC SUP paddles are designed, tested and built for performance, durability and versatility in a wide range of conditions. SWAN SLIM ALU SWAN SLIM ALU LL SWAN SLIM FP LL LeverLock™ LeverLock™ LeverLock™ BLADE Material Fibrylon LEVERLOCK™ Adjustment System This system gives the feel and performance of a fixed-length paddle with the versatility and convenience of an adjustable. Featuring an infinite adjustment range, no clunky adjustment mechanism to get in the way and no parts to lose. Made of rugged polycarbonate, fiberglass and stainless steel for maximum durability and performance....

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Tahe Outdoors catalogue 2020 - 12

PRO WIND FOIL 130 WIND FOIL 130 Length x Width Weight Volume Fin Daggerboard Ideal sail (m2) Technology Ref Length x Width Weight Volume Fin Daggerboard Ideal sail (m2) Technology _12 Ref

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Tahe Outdoors catalogue 2020 - 13

TECHNO WIND FOIL 1 1- ACE-TEC version: ASA and fibreglass composite skin: 5 Durability, light weight and strength. 1- PRO/C-TEC version: Fiberglass/Carbon Sandwich skin: Improved stiffness and even lighter weight. 2- Grooved, EVA foam foot pad : Comfortable ride, comfortable non-skid. 3- Highly reinforced Deep Tuttle fin box: Perfect for Foiling. 4- Multiple foot-strap positions: Tune your ride for windsurfing or foiling. 5- Select S1 fin : Prepreg technology – High quality, high performance, smooth & fast! 1- Deck Pad. 2- Thermoformed plastic skin (ASA). 3- 50g/m2 Fiberglass wrap. 4-...

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