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TA F F P R O D U C T S The square and triangular modules, made of high density polyethylene, are distinguished for their high buoyancy (tilting*), resistance to mechanical forces and atmospheric agents, as well as for their versatility and ease of use. *The modules are equipped with a compartment for ballast to make them stable in all atmospheric condition. modulo base BRIDGE MODULE Feel free to walk on the sea collection&accessories by Patent Arch. Tiberio Frisina TAFF Genova Phone: +39 0185 469013 Sales Manager Genova 345 1212672 Mobile: +39 TAFF Reggio Calabria Phone: +39 0965 922363 Reggio Calabria Mobile: +39 328 1660106 info@taf-f.com • www.taf-f.com

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TRIANGULAR MODULE WHY TRUST IN TAFF ASSEMBLY SYSTEM Lack of beaches, of safe spaces for water sports, of berths/moorings? Sea infested by Jellyfish? We know! For this reason we've thought, paten-ted and realized an easy, environ-mentally friendly, comfortable and virtually indestructible system, which may allow anyone to realize floating structures of many shapes, sizes and colors and for every need! TA F F The TAFF Modular Floating System patented by Arch. Tiberio Frisina, developed and optimized for industrial production in partnership with A.M.R.P. S.r.l., is the ideal solution for...

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