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Here at Tabou we are always looking forward, trying new ideas and designs. The most important thing for the brand is to keep rising the bar higher and higher. Providing our team and the public with products that we are proud of, and that they will enjoy on the water. Fabien and the R&D team continue their year round quest for perfection. Never settling for half measures when delivering new products. If they are not completely happy with a finished design then it will simply not appear in our production range. What we guarantee is when you set foot on one of our new shapes, we want you to...

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brochure 2015 - 8

S A R AV E R M A S T T H O design! ve ltimate wa e is the u y in t-ups to tr he Da Curv “T rent se many diffe et my so me There are y board to can tune m ondition.” ch board. I ea and any c s any time exact need iggest prove our b d to really im hange in e looke we didn’t c This year w as the one pment s this w f our develo Da Curve a e majority o et earlier e put th is size to g 2014. So w designed th speed We re ecially more into the 96. ed and esp e wind. re spe wer from th planing, mo ut much po witho k in the nd less kic on the wave wer entry a foot to has a lo r the back The rocker...

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brochure 2015 - 9

BOTTOM LINE The new Da Curve Quadster raises the bar and will keep you charging any conditions Mother Nature throws out at you. Rip that wave to pieces with speed, style and aggression!

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brochure 2015 - 10

BOTTOM LINE The all rounder for all conditions just got an up grade! Style and ease by the pocket load!

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brochure 2015 - 11

ey for m cket fan. K massive Po icky “I am a with very tr oard deals ster than easy this b arlier and fa planing e d I am s I want an conditions. k the wave e; I can pic ons.” ti everyon tical of sec the most cri hit the lip in ards faster, g these bo d on gettin For that we We worke r this year. , still easy fo s from 102 looser and e of board ged. a new rang an designed the 69 unch m hile keeping e and botto 4, 86, 78L w 9 cker-lin and ed a new ro n We produc acceleratio n quicker A ape for eve iling styles. sh rse sa odate dive area, n to accomm r tail sectio e ith narrowe w outline w at...

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brochure 2015 - 14

rs are tional sailo ore recrea m at they More and ne board th t magical o tha in any looking for y time and e beach an th have can take to water and out on the ife” of the ition to get cond s army kn is the “Swis p and fun. The 3S eeride, bum . You can fr orld smack windsurf w estyle and t some fre st ou and they ju jump, bust se boards lips on the some on und boards don’t care! e best all-ro nd better. bly one of th a Argua gets better the 3S just oards is the market, be these b descri y word to you want The ke st do what rd e boards ju to work ha “EASY”. Th don’t have to do; you ow to do...

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brochure 2015 - 15

BOTTOM LINE If you are a first-time jibe master or jumper, or a heavier wave riding warrior, the 3S boards make everyone happy. Fun, easy, fast and friendly you will be impressed in all conditions!

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brochure 2015 - 20

BOTTOM LINE More speed, more POP and more FUN! Single fin action is in style and the new Twisters are ready to jump, slide, spin, twist and PLAY!

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brochure 2015 - 21

cker, the ed on the ro at we work r th the water ore pop. Fo at “closer to with even m uys want th g like its he g board board feelin fuller rail. T r an easier . Having the inner with a am asked fo board ard th re radical. Our te tting the bo able on the ore and mo and also ge ore comfort s, getting m move ven m ister range outline ns. The Tw em to feel e king up new the conditio ” to allow th oys are ma b feeling e goal. The d reacting to creative an r body is th part of you about being all indsurfing is Freestyle w e job. tools for th right delivers the g very d somethin have create we I...

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brochure 2015 - 22

on ethic both tless work per year kes a relen y ons it ta is a 365 da A competiti anta range nt to To win PW developme loping the M r. Deve n-stop all the itted ton o off the wate as and is comm nta range h e test team he new Ma r, turn project. Th r the job. T to go faste tools fo oal is re the best dium; our g f the art o ensu on the po ge is a state to put you the e Manta ran ingredients you step on celerate. Th antly ac re; when promise he er and const bett is no com e. hine. There e of your lif racing mac y for the rid tter be read be decided Manta, you boards, we 2014 Manta our re:...

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brochure 2015 - 23

BOTTOM LINE Improved acceleration and jibing characteristics, better high end control and stability. The 2015 Manta is a true demon on all points of the race course.

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brochure 2015 - 26

BOTTOM LINE Freeriding on Steroids! The Speedsters have proven design features of the racing Manta shapes but with added ease and comfort. No more excuses not to blast past your friends and smoke them around the turns!

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brochure 2015 - 27

I can blast me smile! e ster makes d ds, jibing lik “The Spee ss my frien ach and pa ltimate u down the re s to be the these board hero! I find a machine.”! free ride fun rlds, top of both wo nt the best wa o further When you ess, look n eride easin fre speed and STER! comes the SPEED than se boards ent of the pm , and The develo e for speed Manta rang the ty. You right from neuverabili nge for ma ra rds! A the Rocket nge of boa ne great ra o u to get it all in ns allow yo trap locatio ora of foots r particular pleth rd for you up the boa custom set ns. ater conditio style and w the andle...

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brochure 2015 - 30

number of and a crazy d lot of time eride We investe the wide fre g to achieve resent you hours testin proud to p we are very ide range! board that ibly easy, w g an incred now, offerin n freerider: for any kee as got it all h ration and This board ed, accele laning, spe p has great very early ortlessly. It ugh lulls eff easy jiber passing thro at a super on top of th nd come control and ny speed a on’t lose a d w Rocket where you red. The ne s you ente a nge. For out as fast rsatile sail ra as such a ve h ome with Wide range l totally at h 118 will fee e level sail example, th Pilot entry...

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brochure 2015 - 31

BOTTOM LINE The Rocket Wide and Rocket Wide LTD are made for freeriders who want more time on the water! It will bring you to another level.

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