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20 YEARS TABOU BOARDS Timeless Rides March 1, 1991 is a day I will never forget. It was the day that I sold my first Tabou Custom Board. It was the day that living my dream began. Twenty years later, I am still living that dream. Ta- bou has turned into a global brand having some of the worlds best windsurfers winning contests on my designs. What brings me the most satisfaction is hearing other windsurfers talking about how much they LOVE their new Tabou boards. This is what motivates me to find new limits and keep pushing to create the best shapes on the market. My most recent development...

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PVC Full Sandwich HD Carbon Biax Sandwich

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TABOU BOARDS OVERVIEW DA CURVE QUADSTER RADICAL WAVE Da Curve 67 Quadster Da Curve 74 Quadster Da Curve 79 Quadster Da Curve 85 Quadster Da Curve 91 Quadster + POCKET THRUSTER POWER WAVE Pocket Wave 69 Pocket Wave 75 Pocket Wave 80 Pocket Wave 85 Pocket Wave 93 3S & 3S LTD WAVE FREERIDE FREESTYLE 3S 76 3S 76 LTD 3S 86 3S 86 LTD 3S 96 3S 96 LTD 3S 106 3S 106 LTD 3S 116 3S 116 LTD TWISTER FREESTYLE Thruster Thruster Single MANTA FR FREERACE RACE | SLALOM Twister 80 Team Twister 90 Team Twister 100 Team Twister 107 Team OR Quad MANTA & MANTA TEAM Twinser Manta 49 Manta 54 Manta 59 Manta 61...

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2012 Tabou Boards Brochure - 13

ROCKET LTD FREERIDE | -RACE Rocket 95 LTD Rocket 105 LTD Rocket 115 LTD Rocket 125 LTD Rocket 135 LTD Rocket 145 LTD ROCKET FREERIDE Rocket 95 Rocket 105 Rocket 115 Rocket 125 Rocket 135 Rocket 145 GURU FREERIDE | -MOVE Guru 125 Guru 135 Guru 145 Guru 155 ROOKIE FREERIDE Kid Freeride ROOKIE WAVE Kid Wave COOLRIDER LEARN Coolrider 160 Coolrider 180 Coolrider 200 NEW SHAPE TABOU-BOARDS.COM

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2012 Tabou Boards Brochure - 14

QUADSTER RADICAL WAVE EACH WAVE The new Do Curve shapes have become more agile and are easier to surf from rail to rail with a much greater range than their predecessors. To accomplish this, Fabien has refined together with the team the outline, the bottom curve, the concove in the under- water hull and the fin setup. Numerous tests FABIEN ABOUT R&D Ml with quad and thruster options, have made it clear that there are numerous advan- The Da Curves are surf boards where you tages.The Thruster is extremely versatile and can windsurf on. So they are designed for extremely powerful. The quads...

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2012 Tabou Boards Brochure - 15

+ TECHNOLOGIE OR Quad Thruster Facts: • • DETAILS The complete range consists of new shapes that build on the extremely successful and popular 2011 Curve Team Edition. Among other things, the 2011 79 Da Curve Team Edition was the winner in the French Windmag Test. The new boards are equipped with 5 slot boxes in the rear and come with 5 matching slotbox Finns and two covers. So everyone can learn all the benefits of the new concept Quadster immediately. All boards are 4 inches longer and are much more forgiving when going out with no wind. The new bottom line with an extra kick and mini...

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2012 Tabou Boards Brochure - 18

TECHNOLOGIE Thruster Facts: Facts: DETAILS • The complete range is redesigned: new rocker line and new Rails for real wave board feel, regardless of front- or back-foot Wave Riding. Thruster fin set up for optimum all-round use. Swallow tail for more Speed even in slower DETAILS waves. The new underwater hull with double concave and slight V in the tail makes the The complete range is redesigned: boards very quick.The Pocket Waves also the new rocker line and new Rails for right board for stormy flat water days. Optionreal wave board feel, regardless ally you can use them as a single fin....

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2012 Tabou Boards Brochure - 19

THRUSTER POWER WAVE THRUSTER POWER WAVE POCKET WAVE POCKET REAL WORLD WAVE BOARD More fun for everyone! Quick as ever, the REAL WORLD WAVEwaves than new shapes are better in the before. Whether back or Front foot surfing, BOARD the shapes are always loose, fast and exMore fun for everyone! Quick ashuge wind tremely agile. They shine with a ever, the new shapes areacceleration and explosive range, first-class better in the waves than before. Whether back first choice for all side speed make them the or Front foot surfing, the shapes are always loose, fast andoffers onshore conditions. The...

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2012 Tabou Boards Brochure - 22

FREERIDE FREESTYLE WAVE DYNAMICALLY UNIVERSAL No matter where, no matter what kind of conditions, with a 3S board you are always right. Just get on it, hold tight, and the fun begins. The shapes are as diverse as wind- surfing, whether small waves or flat wa- ter with o lot of speed, smoothness and maneuverability they make it easy. Even classic freestyle moves are possible on the 3S shapes. Different strap positions for ma- neuvers or speed result in even more per- formance. Briefly, one board - endless pos- CEDRIC BORDES "I was never with so much speed in the wave a lot more waves, but...

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2012 Tabou Boards Brochure - 23

Single DETAILS New shapes at 96 and 106. With the new, on the last 20 centimeters comes a narrower tail, both boards have become even more maneuverable and more lively. In addition, they have also risen again at top speed. All boards can get tuned perfectly with different strap positions (further to the outside or inside) to Wave or Freeride use. All shapes available in LTD Construction for earlier planing and more lively feel. COLORS 76 96 106 116 TECHNOLOGIE for 3S TECHNOLOGIE for 3S LTD T-LAB X-RIDE FIN FREERIDE SPECS 86 MODEL VOL LENGTH WIDTH FIN SAIL RANGE (cm) WEIGHT* BOX (cm) 3S 76...

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2012 Tabou Boards Brochure - 24

Twinser TECHNOLOGIE DETAILS Facts: We stay on to the Twinsers concept as it allows us to use very short fins, and in return offers fast upwind and a lot of control. At the same time we have a lot of emphasis on speed and lots of pop . Tonky especially with his extremely powerful and fluid style needs a lot of speed between the maneuvers. The slimmer and more rounded tail, which we introduced cts: last year with the 90, now evolve into the new 80 and New outline with wide swallow tail 100 Twister. It gives more and wider center : planing, tight pop and in slide maneuvers turns, high jumps,...

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2012 Tabou Boards Brochure - 25

FREESTYLE TWISTER DOUBLE TURNS BETTER The Twinser concept is highly proven on the world tour the Twister is perfect for radical, new school freestyle surfing. The two small fins give you plenty of grip for fast upwind and a lot of control, even in violent gusts. Whether radical or powerful Clew First Tricks the Twister boards give not only to our pro team, they also give everything you need to get creative on the water. TONKY FRANS “The twin fin set up works just great. The boards help me to do my tricks and maneuvers faster and smoother. I already have a few new tricks in my head that I...

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