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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 2

Tabou 2011 - The final bliss Traversa, Williams, Mussolini, Bordes, Scheffers, Dagan, Arrighetti, Nagoshi are ail names that shake fear into their competitors. Fabien Vollenweider does the same with his design work. His competition is every rider in the world. Any one that sets foot on a Tabou board can tell you that he is a winner, a champion at the top of his shaping game. Constantly on the edge, striving to outclass the competition Fabien is a real world competitor much like each and every one of our International Team Riders in search of a World Title. The ultimate proof lies in the...

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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 3

Interview Fabien Vollenweider Thermo Harness

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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 5

Cutting Edge Technology Rider: Thomas Traversa Board: Da Curve Team 79 Location: Lanzarote Photo: Gilles Cavet

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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 6

interview with Tabou shaper Fabien Vollenweider Hello Fabien, you developed the Slot Box system and some of the 2011 boards will already be with this fin system. What is the idea behind it? It is a super light and functional finbox system allowing for slight adjustments and a huge weight savings over conventional boxes. The new Slot Box uses two side screws to lock the fin in place. Once tightened, the fins will not move. The screw heads are the same as your footstrap screws so no additional tools are required, you can make easy adjustments and dial in the setting that works best for your...

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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 7

What about the 2011 Pockets? We have tested the Pocket with Thrusters (3 fins) and find out the board is much more loose and didn't loose anything on planing. It was almost same speed even. That gave the board the range they were missing in sideshore conditions. They are still onshore kings, but now have a better range in sideshore because of the loose feeling added by the Thruster. We didn't move the back fin position so those who want to sail them in single can use the same fin as we were providing in 2010. We still have them in ourT-Lab line. If you compare the 3 fins of the 2011 Pocket...

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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 8

67 NEW SHAPE 74 NEW SHAPE 79 NEW SHAPE 85 NEW SHAPE 91 NEW SHAPE T-LAB Zinger Fin CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY I need to be able to put my board anywhere I want it to go... I have more control and speed than ever before. I can snap slide and spin off the lip with precision! I tell the board what to do and it does it with radical style!!! Thomas Traversa

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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 9

Da Curve Team Design driven from famous surfer Martin Potter in the early 90’s the “Twinzer” setup utilizes 4 fins to gain additional drive and traction while riding a wave. Fabien has studied the proper set up for adapting this concept to the windsurf board. Rocker lines have to be adjusted and outlines manipulated to compensate for this fin set up. The latest revolution in radical wave board design is all packed in to the new Da Curve Team Edition! Your imagination is your only limit! Fabien Vollenweider says I have always wanted to take a surfboard and put a sail on it - this is...

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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 11

Cutting Edge Technology Rider: Alex Mussolini Board: Da Curve Team 67 Location: Lanzarote Photo: Gilles Cavet

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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 12

67 74 79 85 91 NEW SHAPE T-LAB X Wave Fin Proven Performer The single fin board still works great. I love my 4 fins for sliding manuevers, but when it comes time for classic down the line conditions in big waves, there will always be a place for the single fin! Alex Mussolini

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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 13

Da Curve The classic single fin is still hard to beat... This range utilizes everything that we have learned from twin fin boards and implements those changes while keeping the proven single fin set up. The Da Curve with single fin allows you to push hard in your turns, gets planing easily and provides the lift and power you need for big jumps. Fabien Vollenweider says For those guys that like something steady to push against, the single fin is an easy choice. We have spent a lot of time making this range work in both worlds - great for high wind bump and jump control as well as down the...

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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 15

Pocket Tri Fin This years Pocket takes all the development over the years and triples the performance! The first “THRUSTER” board from Tabou offers early planing with its proven rocker line. The easy turning comes from a perfect outline and now a thruster option gives the rider a variety of set up choices for whatever the conditions dish out. Fabien Vollenweider says Variety is what you get from the Pocket this year. Having the 3 fins really helps in the onshore winds to generate speed for going backside. Being able to run a smaller center fin loosens the boards and gives drive on all...

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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 16

76 86 NEW SHAPE 96 106 116 NEW SHAPE T-LAB X-Ride Fin Freeride Fin Play all Day I have been waiting for a big wave/freestyle board that will turn and give me the fun feeling. I don’t care if there is no wind out there, if there are waves, I want to be catching them and the 116 always gets me back home! Cedric Bordes

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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 17

3S Not wanting to be outclassed the 3S range has grown with its successful shapes from last year. This “Do It ALL” board performs in any and every wind condition in the world. Step on any size and you immediately take off with no effort. Tell the board to turn and it says NO PROBLEM! The 86 takes on small refinements to keep up with new trends that Fabien has learned throughout the year. Fabien Vollenweider says This range of boards is finally complete! We needed to have a larger size for those light wind days when the 106 just wasn’t quite enough and stepping up to a Rocket was not as much...

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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 18

80 90 NEW SHAPE 100 107 T-Lab XX-Twister Fin Play all Day I love the twin fin on my freestyle boards... I can do pretty much anything I can dream of!!! Davy Scheffers

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2011 Tabou Product Manual (LowRes) - 19

The Twin's win! Upwind performance with unmatched sliding makes the Twister one of the most coveted boards on the Freestyle Tour. Twin technology allows the rider to use much smaller fins while being able to get planing early and stay upwind for contest situations. Turning is easier, tricks are more radical and the overall fun factor is very high! Fabien Vollenweider says The freestyle team guys are always asking for more spin, more pop, more speed, easier turning... We have learned a lot from last years! Everybody loves the 100 and the all new 90 builds off that success. We are always...

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