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2007 CATALOG - 2

Fabien Vollenweider knows shaping. With over 20 years in the industry, Fabien's knowledge and passion are a recognized force in progressive windsurf and surf designs. Based in the South of France with a world wide network of testers and team riders, Tabou continually pushes board design and promotes the lifestyle and positive energy that windsurfing inspired in Fabien many years ago. LTD means Limited edition! Only 100 boards are made.

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2007 CATALOG - 3

matt pritchard US National Champion 2006 Super X PWA World Champion 2004 & 2005 Matt Pritchard Rocket 115 with Gaastra Matrix “... the Rocket 61 matches my 6.0 Remedy all the way down to my 4.5 Manic for Super X contests. From light to super strong winds, the board excels on all points and if you aren’t into Super X racing and just blast around, you won’t nd a better range of boards!!” – Matt Pritchard US-10, PWA SuperX World Champion www.tabou-boards.com

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2007 CATALOG - 4

fast as a rocket rocket 07 2 Time SuperX World Champion OUTLINE Matt Pritchard Rocket 115 with Gaastra GTX & Swift Fast and easy these three brothers have set a new standard in the freeride world. The 95 &105 are some of the easiest boards to ride. They do just about everything you tell them with speed and forgiveness all at the same time. A board you can sail fast and throw down a jybe without even hesitating. The new rocker line has been shortened and lifted to give you a feeling of freedom. Chop will soon become your friend because this new rockerline doesn’t even notice the bumps. The...

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2007 CATALOG - 5

fast as a rocket rocket 07 The Performance light wind freeride board OUTLINE DECK RAILS Matt Pritchard Rocket 115 with Gaastra Swift Last years magazine test winners were difcult to improve. We decided to take what we have learned from the Manta’s and apply it to these bigger freeriders. A deep double concave starts at the nose and fairs into the front footstraps with the maximum depth at 50 cm from the nose. This makes for a smoother ride and increases planing by pressuring air under the hull and lifting the board up. Choppy water no longer slows you down, and the new ride is going to be...

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2007 CATALOG - 7

The return of a legendary board After a successful introduction to the range last year, this year the 3S will see new layup that will save approximately conditions into medium waves this board is just better then a pure Wave Board. Bigger engine that delivers more planing and the turning repertoire can be customised by your personal set up. Refined and updated from last years mega seller the 3S 97 will turn some heads again. Our constant development and feedback from all over the world allowed us to tune it even more to your The most asked for Board last year. perfect for light wind as the...

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2007 CATALOG - 8

Steve allen AUS-0 www.tabou-boards.com

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2007 CATALOG - 9

The 2007 Da Curve line is one of the most progressive and cutting edge surfboard shapes to hit the water. Combining strong points from last years Da Curve and features from the Pocket Wave, our latest release targets what every wave sailor dreams of! A shorter and more compact nose give a new sensation to how a waveboard should feel. Light and predictable, the new Da Curve performs in a wider variety of conditions. Side shore Hookipa or anywhere with a fast moving wave, the Da Curve just wants more! Hitting the lip has never been easier. Ross Williams DaCurve 79 with Gaastra Manic textured...

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2007 CATALOG - 10

performance pocket 07 OUTLINE RAILS Ross Williams Pocket with Gaastra Manic dsk V 62 l L 220 cm new www.tabou-boards.com V 72 l L 225 cm W 55 cm new V 78 l L 227 cm W 56.5 cm new V 84 l L 229 cm W 58 cm new dsg 62 ROCKER New School Wave Performance The Pocket Wave has taken its proven success and has been tuned up to be ridden in more of a variety of conditions. The most signicant changes are a thinner tail section that allows for more control in the turns. The rails have been dialed in to accommodate precise turning control. The n box has been moved back to give more stability to the...

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2007 CATALOG - 11

matt pritchard US National Champion 2006 Super X PWA World Champion 2004 & 2005 www.tabou-boards.com

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2007 CATALOG - 12

radical freestyle 07 DECK OUTLINE RAILS BOTTOM ROCKER Freestyle with Gaastra Poison Subtle changes have gone into play for the freestyle team. A lot of the guys were nding the 110 to be a little big to keep up with the new moves. Thus, 2 cm were taken off the overall width of the board. This has greatly increased maneuverability and made the big boys happy. The 110,100 and 80ltr boards have a rounded nose and tail. Also the step has increased for more forgiveness when sliding backwards. A faster rocker line has been given to each of these boards for quicker acceleration. “Octopuss” textured...

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2007 CATALOG - 13

OUTLINE DECK RAILS BOTTOM ROCKER New cutout with flex adjustable flap and vacuum release system. These flaps allow the air to circulate under them from the back to the front of the cut out releasing the vacuum created by speed on the hull and making the water come down in to Now you can custom tailor your racing board to your weight. Adjustability will be a big factor in winning races. We are sure the Manta's will be everybody's The all new Manta has been improved with a longer outline and straighter tail section. This gives the riders what they are looking for with more control going into...

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2007 CATALOG - 14

_ FRICDEFR I Easy Comfort, User Friendly Taking a look back to the days of early windsurfing, you see longboards; lots of them. Waters all around the world were filled with wind powered crafts that put smiles on just about anybody's face. People were sailing in no wind, a little wind and even a lot of wind- all on one board. These were the days when windsurfing was booming. People were into it and the future shows that longboarding is coming back, much like surfing. One- Design style windsurfer, surely you can remember the fun in cruising around spinning the sail, railriding and whatever...

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2007 CATALOG - 15

Ample volume gets you up to wave speed and a straight rocker line gets you in early. Shaped with a Single Concave to Double V to V to assist in control speed stability and surfing ease. OUTLINE RAILS Radicai Protection, Equipment & Extras Built-in lumbar support Thermo interior Built-in lumbar support 3 pockets, with inline carry handle. Metal clip shoulder strap Hardware pockets & extra Surf Leash Board Bags Sizes : Rocket 150 fits Rocket Rash Guard Tabou Fashion Beanie Tabou Fashion Caps adjustable buckle. know what we mean. SINGLE SANDWICH (Single Sandwich Carbon) Mega light, super...

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