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BirdBoggle is a µP-controlled repellent device. The Rotor 1 turns cyclic and by means of a telescope 3 birds in the vicinity are scared away. The Rotor 1 houses all required elements for an autonomous operation. Power supply is provided via an integrated LION battery and a solar cell. BirdBoggle is maintenance free and protects your boat for months. BirdBoggle can be attached as well as detached within seconds. Install the rotor: Open the knurled screw 7, insert the rotor 1 into standpipe 5 and retorque knurled screw 7. Main Switch, Storage: In vertical down position of the Master Switch 8 the battery is disconnected (storage). Tilt the Rocker switch outward (green) to activate BirdBoggle’s low mode (2 sec. turning). Tilt the rocker switch inward activates BirdBoggle’s high mode (5 sec. turning). The idle time between two turns is 30 seconds and will be automatically extended with lower charging status of the battery. BirdBoggle indicates On-Mode by a blinking LED 9 at the telescope exit. The integrated LION battery is charged by means of a solar cell 2 and may supply BirdBoggle for days with covered sky. Take care that the selected location allows some sunlight hours per day to keep battery charged. Attachment with Mounting Plate: The mounting plate 5 must be screwed down with suitable screws 10 (not enclosed). Take care that no critical boat components are damaged and that the mounting location allows free turning of rotor 1. Release the knurled screw 7, insert the standpipe into mounting plate – retighten knurled screw 7. QuickClamp (optional) The socket 16 provides an adhesive bottom to be sticked to the boats deck and secured by screws. Turning the clamp-nut 15 counterclockwise releases the clamping and turning it clockwise forces fixation. BirdBoggle can alternatively be attached with a railing clamp. By turning the toggle lever 12, the mouth width of the clamp is adjusted to the tube diameter. The railing clamp has a ¼“ camera thread 13, onto which the rotor 1 is screwed and secured against loosening with its knurled screw 7. The gimballed thread 13 should be aligned upright. LION Battery inside (350 mAh / 3,7V) Location must be exposed to sunlight for recharging the battery Provide a fall guard if required by location Remove BirdBoggle in stormy conditions Regularly check all screws for tight fit Regularly grease the telescope 3 BirdBoggle is splash-proof but not floatable Switch off rocker switch 8 for storage Blinking LED at telescope exit indicates power on Keep BirdBoggle switched on if exposed longer in bright sun BirdBoggle falls into sleep when dark US Patent Pend. US 201.7006.854 Austrian Patent 517419 Made in Austria T&M Consulting GmbH E-Mail Web

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