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SWI-TEC Catalogue 2021


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SWI-TEC Catalogue 2021 - 1


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SWI-TEC Catalogue 2021 - 3

A lot of news from our company This year we convince not only with our innovative products but also with our new and fresh look. Catalogue and Online-Shop blaze in a new layout and you can find us on all current social media channels. In 2011 we transformed SwissTech into SWI-TEC in order to integrate it under one common roof with our manufacturing company Neveta Náutica S.L. SWI-TEC stands for ‚Special. Water. Innovation‘, i.e. for everthing related to practical, clever and unique ideas around vessels and water. For over 20 years our philosophy has remained unchanged: We develop special...

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SWI-TEC Catalogue 2021 - 4

Help Aboard Mast Ascension Guide Roller Endless Line Masthead Harness Mast Ladder Mast Steps Lifting Aid for wheelchair users Getting on board from a wheelchair: Now it becomes easy and safe Scarecrow «Standard» Accessories for the Universal Scarecrow Accesories for the Scarecrow Universal and Standard Scarecrow for Mast-Top y spreaders Outboard motor lift Lifting Harness for outboard-motors Rat Guard New sizes - also for commercial shipping and super yacht Dinghy Support Fenderholder for stanchios now also available in white Charge your batterys under sail Scarecrow «Universal» No more...

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SWI-TEC Catalogue 2021 - 5

NEW! Sun Awning Kit suitable for motor and sailboats Wind Scoop Mosquito-net / Tenax Reliable protection against insects FixTop & RollTop Burglar Bars for Hatches Emergency Ladder Sailboat-Burglar Lock «Standard» «Deluxe» Development for your security Provides shades on your boat Winch Cover Turnbuckle Cover Gangways & Accessories 43 - 44 Gangways A big range of gangways! Custom sizes built to order! 45 NEW! Non-slip mat for gangway Perfect for dogs and cats on board Gangway Bag Gangway Bracket Gangway Holders Bags 47 Sail Repair Kit Toolbag 48 Combi bag Universal bag mini Bag for maps 49...

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SWI-TEC Catalogue 2021 - 6

Mast Ascension SWI-TEC Mastlift Give yourself a lift! • • • • • Safe mast climbing Work alone at the top of the mast Both hands are always free No need for extra mast fittings J ust hoist the Mastlift on the halyard of your choice (preferably two halyards for extra security) • Reduction ratio: 10 : 1 • ulti purpose - Man overboard Recovery, General hoist M • vailable in two sizes (height of mast: to 45ft and to 82ft) A The endless line is included. Art. No. Useful height: Gear ratio: Weight: Size: Permitted Live Load: Breaking Load Dyneemaline: Material: 1001 1002 to 13m to 25m 1:10 1:10...

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SWI-TEC Catalogue 2021 - 7

Mast Ascension SWI-TEC Mastlift Gearing part with 1:10 stroke conversation for an easy pulling up to the mast 4-kant to easy roll up the line Rope drum for taking of the supporting rope Suspension device in stainless steel driving wheel with non-slip profile Folding secure for quick change of lines Guided line exit for carrier line Dyneema lines with 2100 daN breaking load Guide roller for an optimal performance. Rotating guide bracket. Automatically adapts to pulling direction Double integrated disc break for double safety.

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SWI-TEC Catalogue 2021 - 8

Mast Ascension Bosun’s Chair «Standard» and «XXL» Safe and comfortable! • • • • • • • • • With stitched-in wooden board Comfortable to sit on for hours of work Safe even if unconscious Strong fabric and workmanship 4 sewn-on bags for power tools, rigging tools, nuts and bolts etc. Sewn-in stainless steel shackle Compact storage bag included Fittings to hold drill Additional stitched loops for tools XXL-Design • Addition: Adjustable back-rest • Larger wooden board • Wider A great asset to your safety, our Bosun’s Chairs are safe even in the event of loss of conscioness. Bosun’s Chair:...

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SWI-TEC Catalogue 2021 - 9

Mast Ascension Mastlift Accessories: Guide Roller Allows the use of mastlift at sea! • To be used around the furled genoa or jib • Using the Guide Roller will prevent the mastlift hitting the mast • Can also be used as a guide for light sails 1003 Turned from solid beech wood, cable stainless steel 700 mm Mastlift Accessories: 4 m Endless Line May be used as a hoist in the following situations! • • • Man over-board retrieval L ifting an outboard motor or recovery of a dinghy L ifting heavy equipment for example, batteries and generator etc. Mastlift Accessories: Masthead Harness Enables you...

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SWI-TEC Catalogue 2021 - 10

Mast Ascension Mast Ladder Perfect for small masts! • • • • • • Important: When climbing use safety line and a second person! Adjustable rollers to adapt to mast-section Work single handed at the top of the mast Simple application No fittings necessary Attaches to any mast Perfect control with track slides (not included ) Art. No. 5001 Mast Ladder for mast heights up to 10 m /16 steps / Material: Aluminum Art. No. 5002 Ladder extension 2 m ladder length / 5 steps Art. No. 6006 Bag for ladder 100% PVC Size: 48 x 26 x 15 cm Mast Steps stainless steel or plastic The alternative way to the top!...

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SWI-TEC Catalogue 2021 - 11

Mast Ascension SWI-TEC Lifting aid for wheelchair users Mast lift with special seat for wheelchair users Getting on board from a wheelchair: Now it becomes easy and safe. The newly designed, faint-safe seat makes life easier for people with disabilites. Now it becomes so easy and safe for wheelchair users or for persons who find the railing an unsurmountable obstacle to go on board or off board. • Makes it easy and safe for people with disabilities to experience sailing • Exclusive: We have a special lift system for use on board • Smooth and safe transfer from the landing stage to the...

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SWI-TEC Catalogue 2021 - 12

Help Aboard Hydro Charger Now you can have enough power on board with our new Hydro Charger Charge your batteries under sail by lowering the generator in the water Solid stainless steel construction (Aisi 316) Quick fastener device for mounting on transom bracket Foldable at full speed through 4x reduction ratio line Generator locks in working position, no tension on line (easy release means light pulling on the red line) Can be stored in fully inverted position (for ex. in harbour) Lateral stoppers to avoid generator hitting on transom 20 A / 12 V socket for watermaker, inverter 220 V / 50...

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