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Suzuki Offers the World's First Selective Rotation i Integrates both Regular and Counter-Rotation W Operation into a Single Unit Since its introduction, Suzuki's flagship DF300 has been a showcase for Suzuki's advanced technologies and designs. As the world's first 220.7kW (300PS) 4-stroke outboard, it set a new benchmark for power and performance from a compact and lightweight outboard, and was recognized for this with an NMMA Innovation Award. Utilizing Suzuki's advanced Lean Burn Control System and Suzuki Precision Control the DF300A delivers re- markable fuel economy over a wide...

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Suzuki DF300AP SMC - 3

DF300A LEAN BURN PRODUCT INFORMATION New Lower Unit The biggest changes on the DF300A are found in the outboard’s lower unit, which was redesigned for the Suzuki Selective Rotation system—the world’s rst integration of regular and counter-rotation models into a single unit. The system consists of a new drive gear layout in the lower unit that allows the outboard to operate in either regular or counter-rotation mode, and a switch that connects to a circuit in the engine compartment that engages the counter-rotation mode. Like the DF300, the new DF300A utilizes an aggressive nal drive ratio...

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Suzuki DF300AP SMC - 4

Suzuki's Lean Burn Control System Suzuki's innovative Lean Burn Control System was first introduced on the DF90/80/70 to great acclaim from boaters and the media alike. It predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions allowing the engine to run on a more efficient fuel mixture through the use of a lean air-fuel ratio. It delivers its benefits over a wide operating range, providing significant improvements in fuel economy from low-speed operation into the cruising range. Combining this system with the Suzuki Precision Control, electronic throttle and shift system, allows the operator...

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Suzuki DF300AP SMC - 5

DF300A LEAN BURN PRODUCT INFORMATION Suzuki Precision Control (Electronic Throttle and Shift Systems) Suzuki Precision Control is a NEUTRAL Dual Type technologically advanced REVERSE computer-based control system FORWARD THROTTLE BODY that replaces the mechanical control cables found in conventional control systems with SHIFT ACTUATOR BCM ECM electronic wiring that eliminates the source of friction and SHIFT ACTUATOR Single Type NEUTRAL resistance. While you enjoy smooth, friction free throttle and shift operation, the system’s computer is processing and transmitting commands in real-time...

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Suzuki DF300AP SMC - 6

Long Track Intake Manifold Strengthened Forged Pistons Another performance enhancing feature on the DF300A is a turned long track intake manifold. Using long intake pipes tuned to provide smooth airow into the engine the system provides the DF300A with enhanced low end power. The upper portion of pistons used in the big V6 engine is treated with an alumite coating that increases heat resistance. A resin coating applied to the piston skirt increases resistance to wear and reduces friction. Alumite coating Piston Resin coating Large Air Intake with Water Separator The DF300A is designed with...

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Suzuki DF300AP SMC - 7

DF300A LEAN BURN PRODUCT INFORMATION Suzuki Water Detecting source of poor combustion, lower power output, and corro- sion. To protect the engine from is the first Suzuki outboard to utilize a water detecting fuel filter that alerts the operator with both visual and audio warnings when water is present Water-Cooled Voltage Regulator The outboard's electric system includes a water-cooled voltage regulator that dissipates heat in the regulator to enhance engine durability. Fuses protecting the DF300A's electric system are assembled into a single fuse box located under the cowling on the side...

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Suzuki DF300AP SMC - 8

A word from Suzuki engineers Keiji Sasaki (Product Planning Group) In charge of Strength Analysis. Suzuki Employee for 5 years. On the DF300A, I was mainly responsible for computer analysis of the lower unit gears. We focused a lot on how we could increase reliability and durability in the lower unit without sacri- ficing driving performance of a conventional outboard. To do this we used the latest computer analysis to create a gear that is significantly more durable. At the same time we made sure that the gear case was rigid enough to accommodate the Suzuki Selective Rotation System. The...

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