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A New Standard in Four-Strokes From Suzuki Sixteen years after starting the four-stroke revolution with its award winning DF60 and DF70 outboards, Suzuki has re-invented the category with two efficient models, the DF70A and DF90A. As the first of Suzuki’s new generation four-strokes, they are a showcase of advancements and achievements—such as digital sequential electronic fuel injection, a powerful 2.59:1 final drive ratio, and a zeromaintenance self-adjusting timing chain. They also feature Suzuki’s proven offset drive shaft which, used in combination with a newly designed powerhead,...

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Features That Deliver Greater Efficiency, Better Economy, and More Boating Pleasure n The DF90A is the lightest, most compact outboard in its class. The DF90A offers top level fuel efficiency in its class. A new streamlined gear case and highly efficient propeller contribute to increased top speed and economical operation. Smoother shifting through precision engineering. The DF70A/DF90A offer low emissions and clean operation that meet the 2010 EPA* emission standard and the CARB** 3-Star Ultra-Low Emissions standards. * Exhaust emission standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection...

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Creating a Fuel Efficient Outboard Suzuki Lean Burn Control System The lean burn control system is designed to run on a thinner fuel mixture through the use of a lean air-fuel ratio. Suzuki engineers designed a system that predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions. It achieves added fuel economy through a reduction of pumping loss. In order to balance fuel efficiency with clean emissions, the system sets up air-fuel ratio taking advantage of the reaction characteristics of exhaust emissions. The system also has a wide lean burn range that extends up into the top speed range...

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High Performance Features DOHC 4-Valve Engine The DF70A/90A benefit from Suzuki’s unrivaled experience in the design and manufacture of motorcycle, automotive, and marine engines. Drawing upon their past advancements and achievements, Suzuki engineers have provided these new outboards with advanced engineering that delivers high power output, performance, fuel economy, and efficient operation. Starting with an in-line 4-cylinder block, Suzuki designed a more compact dual overhead cam (DOHC) powerhead with four valves per cylinder. This design has reduced the overall size of the outboard...

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High Performance Features Streamlined Gear Case and Highly Efficient Propeller The gear case on both the DF70A/90A utilizes a hydrodynamic design that was first introduced on the flagship DF300. As the lower unit moves through the water its sleek form reduces drag by up to 36% compared to conventional designs, contributing to faster acceleration and increased speed. Thanks to the robust torque delivered with Suzuki’s two-stage gear reduction, these outboards can turn a large diameter propeller. Suzuki engineered a new highly efficient propeller that takes advantage of this torque to provide...

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User Friendly Features Smoother Shifting Timing Chain Taking a fresh look at the gear case, our engineers redesigned the transmission and shifting system, utilizing new dimensions optimized for strength and rigidity. Components were engineered with greater precision and tighter tolerances to reduce play and noise. Incorporating a shift sensor into the system, the ECM now monitors shift action and then controls the ignition for precise shifting. Overall, refinements to the system led to a 40% reduction in shifting effort as compared to the original DF90, resulting in improved performance,...

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Suzuki Motor Corporation Suzuki history begins with the founding of Suzuki Loom Works by Michio Suzuki in October 1909. Realizing that weaver wanted to produce cloth both vertical and horizontal patterns, he developed an automated loom capable of weaving patterned cloth from space dyed yarn. His commitment to innovative engineering was the start of an uncompromising focus on creating products that meet people’s needs and offer new life style possibilities. While the company has evolved, diversified, and expanded since then, we have always honored our founder’s commitment to innovative...

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