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DF50/40 - 2

Suzuki Marine has accepted the challenge of providing boaters with powerful, cleaner running outboards that meet EPA emissions regulations to be phased in by the year 2006. Suzuki engineers have applied years of research in motorcycle, automotive and marine engine design to the development of these new, environmentally friendly outboards. The new DF40 and DF50 outboard motors are the latest in Suzuki's line of four-stroke outboards to meet the EPA 2006 regulations. These compact 40- and 50-horsepower outboards look sleek, with flush fittings and contemporary graphics. Underneath lies ad-...

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DF50/40 - 3

The following points have been kept in mind in the design of the DF40 O Ensure compliance with future EPA regulations set to take effect in the year 2006. O Provide low fuel consumption, low noise level and low vibration. O Incorporate Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection into a 4-stroke outboard. O Design a compact outboard with distinctive styling. 0 Base the engine on Suzuki's high performance, DOHC automotive engine. Distinctive Styling With Easy Engine Access The distinctive styling found in Suzuki's DF series is evident in the new DF40 and DF50 as well. Smooth, flowing lines present a...

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DF50/40 - 4

Suzuki's Advanced Engineering Drawing upon a long history in the design and manufacture of motorcycle, automotive and marine engines, Suzuki has flawlessly combined its advanced technology and know-how into the creation of the DF40 and DF50 outboard engines. Both outboards are based on Suzuki's high performance DOHC, 12-valve, three- cylinder automotive engines. The valve layout is the same as found in the engine's automotive counterpart. Components such as valves/valve springs, tappets, sprockets, timing chain, and fuel filter are identical to those used in Suzuki automotive engines....

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DF50/40 - 5

A crankshaft driven lubrication system with a trochoid type oil pump has been adopted. With the adoption of a newly designed, compact, cartridge type oil filler the durability of the crank journals have been greatly improved. The oil drain is positioned on the front side of the engine making oil changes easy, and allows for easy servicing and maintenance in the full tilt position. Intake Manifold The aluminum-cast intake manifold is designed with a comparatively long branch to boost the en- gine's mid range torque. The intake manifold consists of the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve, a newly...

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DF50/40 - 6

sensors placed in critical areas in the engine. The sensor system is made up of the Manifold Pressure Sensor, Engine RPM Sensor, Intake Air Temperature Sensor, Cylinder Temperature Sensor, Cam Position Sensor and Exhaust Monifold Temperature Sensor. The data from these sensors is conveyed to a compu- ter that instantly calculates (Speed-Density type) the optimum amount of fuel to be injected at high pres- sure into each of the cylinders. The DF40 and DF50 also incorporate IAC (Idle Air Control), a Fast Idle Function, and a Dash Pot System to further enhance engine performance with stable...

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DF50/40 - 7

The DF40 and DF5Ü also incorporate a Direct Ignition system. Integral type spark plug caps with ignition coils are utilized thus reducing the number of parts and simplifying the wiring system. This system also greatly reduces electronic engine "noise" which can interfere with VHF radios, fishfinders and other marine electronics. Direct Ignition System non-linear throttle to improve throttle controllability, especially in the lower speed range. Slight adjust- ments in speed are easily obtained with its wider control zone at the lower end of the power curve. Blow-by gas generated inside the...

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DF50/40 - 8

• Boats and motors come in ti large variety of combinations. Sec your authorized dealer for correct prop, selection to meet Please read your owners manual carefully. Rcmembei. (mating and alcohol or oilier drugs dnn'l mix. Please operate your outboard safely and responsibly SUZUKI MOTOK COKPOKA I ION reserves the right lo ehange. without nolice. equipment, specifications, colour., materials and oilier ilems lo applv 10 local conditions. Each model may he discontinued without nolice. Please inquire at your local dealer for details of any such changes. Aclual body colours may differ slightly...

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