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DF250T/225T - 2

SUZUKI’S AWARD WINNING TECHNOLOGY The product of unrivaled expertise and world class technology, Suzuki’s four-stroke outboards have long been on the cutting edge of outboard performance winning acclaim and awards for their advanced technology, innovative ideas, and designs. We were the first to introduce a digital Electronic Fuel Injection four-stroke; an idea that allowed the DF70 and DF60 to receive further recognition from the International Marine Trades Exposition and Convention when they captured the IMTEC Innovation Award. We were the first to offer an automotive type self-adjusting...

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DF250T/225T - 3

Innovative Compact High Performance Engine Delivers the Ultimate in Power and Performance Delivering 225 HP, the DF225T provides the largest displacement in its respective category while its narrow profile makes it, like the DF250T, one of the lightest and most compact outboards in their class. The engine was designed from the ground up, specifically for outboard use, by Suzuki engineers who drew on decades of knowledge gained through the manufacture of not only outboards, but also technologically-advanced motorcycles and automobiles. The product of their labors was an all-new 3.6-liter...

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DF250T/225T - 4

THE DF250 — THE ULTIMATE IN PERFORMANCE DOHC 24-Valve with VVT Delivers High Performance However, our goal was not just to create an outboard that could deliver 250HP, but to create an outboard that could deliver high performance that suits its 250HP output along with the many other benefits that a four-stroke can deliver. A high performance camshaft designed to deliver 250 horsepower produced the wanted power output, but to get the strong mid and low-end torque outboards need when accelerating requires altering valve timing. In general, only using a camshaft setting like those found in...

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DF250T/225T - 5

Using VVT (Variable Valve Timing) in the DF250T, this overlap can be increased or decreased by altering intake timing with the camshaft, thereby optimizing camshaft timing for low range and mid range operation. As the DF250T’s camshaft is already setup to deliver maximum output at high rpm, a change in timing in this range is mostly unnecessary. Increasing the overlap is necessary during acceleration in the low and mid power range, but no change in timing is required for stable idling. In the DF250T’s VVT system there are two chambers within the VVT actuator, one on the phase angle forward...

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DF250T/225T - 6

Along with greater acceleration, the gear reduction in combination with the four-stroke engine’s wide power band is capable of handling a wide variety of loads, which is a significant benefit to boaters whose loads vary from day to day. Two-Stage Gear Reduction With such a high performance engine now at our disposal, losing any power in the propulsion system would be a waste, so our engineers chose an efficient means of supplying maximum propulsion. A propeller rotating at high speed in the water has a tendency to slip and when two propellers of the same pitch but different diameters are...

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DF250T/225T - 7

Offset Driveshaft Suzuki’s utilization of an offset driveshaft in the DF140, 115 and 90 proved to be successful in reducing the size of the outboard. The DF250T and DF225T benefit from this same design which positions the crankshaft in front of the drive shaft, simultaneously moving the outboard’s center of gravity forward. This system adds to the compactness of the outboard and provides an improvement in power performance. It also places the engine’s axis of inertia, the point where vibrations produced by the engine are at a minimum, up over the upper engine mount thus greatly reducing...

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DF250T/225T - 8

Multi Point Electronic Fuel Injection As Suzuki was the first in the industry to incorporate multi point electronic fuel injection in a four-stroke outboard with the DF70 and DF60, it is only natural that the DF250T and DF225T would incorporate the same. Along with Suzuki’s Multi Point Sequential Fuel Injection, both outboards incorporate an ECM (Engine Control Module) which constantly monitors crucial data, in real time, from a series of sensors placed in critical areas on the engine. This comprehensive network of sensors includes the Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, Crankshaft Position...

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DF250T/225T - 9

■ Durability and Reliability Keeping The Engine and Components Cool Fitted with fan blades the flywheel serves a dual purpose by efficiently expelling heat from within the engine cover out of the side of the cowl, keeping the temperature within the cowl under control. Water circulating around the oil jacket located at the base of the V-bank cools oil flowing through the pipe, keeping oil temperature under control. This contributes to the cooling of the engine thereby enhancing durability. Both outboards also utilize piston cooling jets which shoot a stream of oil onto the backside of the...

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DF250T/225T - 10

CARB 3 Stars The DF250T and DF225T have received the CARB 3-Star rating, which identifies engines that meet the California Air Resources Board's 2008 exhaust emission standards. The strictest exhaust regulations to date, they represent a 65% reduction in emissions from the EPA 2006 emission standards. High Output Alternator The outboards are also equipped with a high output alternator that delivers a total 54 A (12V) of electrical power. Designed to produce a majority of this power at low rpm, it generates around 38 A even at a low 1,000 rpm-a generous amount of current to keep an...

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DF250T/225T - 11

The DF250T and DF225T are available in your choice of Pearl Nebular Black or Cool White

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DF250T/225T - 12

* Dry weight, including battery cable, not including propeller and engine oil. **Boats and motors come in a large variety of combinations. See your authorized dealer for correct prop. selection to meet recommended RPM range at WOT. Please read your owners manual carefully. Remember, boating and alcohol or other drugs don't mix. Please operate your outboard safely and responsibly. Suzuki encourages you to operate your boat safely and with respect for the marine environment. SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION reserves the right to change, without notice, equipment, specifications, colors, materials and...

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