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The DF250S represents a new kind of Suzuki outboard—a “Sports 4-Stroke” designed for the sportsman who is serious about outboard performance. Based on a 4.0-liter Big Block V6 the DF250SS produces 250 horsepower and delivers outstanding acceleration throughout the entire powerband thanks to the incorporation of some of Suzuki’s most advanced technologies. With a 20-inch transom, it’s perfect for bass boats, sport pontoons, ski boats, flats and bay boats or any other boat that demands power, performance and reliability. The DF250SS also offers all the advantages of Suzuki’s 4-stroke...

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DF250SS PRODUCT INFORMATION Suzuki Technologies Deliver Outstanding Performance Advance Valve Lift Suzuki engineers started off in a big way by designing the DF250SS based on a big block 4.0-liter engine. This V6 engine features an aggressive cam profile, delivering VVT (Variable Valve Timing) Intk Valve Crank Angle maximum output and performance at high rpm, and Valve Overlap ENGINE SPEED Suzuki’s advanced Variable Valve Timing (VVT), provides the DF250SS with the torque needed to boost low- to mid-range VVT Actuator Rotation Direction Intk Camshaft Camshaft Position Sensor acceleration....

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Forged Pistons Fuel Cooler The upper portion of each piston The cooler the fuel the denser it is, and the denser it is, the more used in the DF250SS is treated with performance it delivers. The DF250SS incorporates a water - cooled an alumite coating that increases fuel rail in the fuel delivery system. The fuel is cooled before it is heat resistance. A resin coating injected into the cylinder resulting in better combustion and better applied to the piston skirt improves resistance to wear and reduces friction. Suzuki’s Advanced Engineering Delivers Compact Designs Offset Driveshaft Offset...

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DF250SS PRODUCT INFORMATION Large Air Intake, and Flywheel with an Blades F Increasing airflow into the engine which is operated by an ECM (Engine Control Module) using a series of engine sensors to constantly monitor crucial can increase power output, so Suzuki data in real time. This comprehensive engineers designed the DF250SS with network of sensors includes the Manifold dual air induction ports to maximize Absolute Pressure Sensor, Crankshaft airflow into the engine to obtain Position Sensor, Intake Air Temperature maximum power output. The increased Flywheel Magneto airflow delivers...

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Features that Offer Convenient Operation Tilt Limit Switch The outboard tilt system incorporates an adjustable tilt limit switch, which prevents the motor from tilting beyond a predetermined position. This can be used to protect both the boat and motor from damage that can occur when tilting the motor. Tilt Limit System Dual Engine Flush Ports The buildup of sand and salt in the engine’s cooling system can lead to engine damage. To aid in reducing such buildup, the DF250SS is designed with two freshwater flush ports that make flushing of the cooling system as convenient and easy as...

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DF250SS PRODUCT INFORMATION Genuine Suzuki Parts and Accessories Genuine Suzuki Parts and Accessories are your key to total performance and boating satisfaction. Suzuki controls and gauges give boaters the power and information they need to master any day on the water. We offer a full line of premium quality stainless steel props specifically engineered to maximize the performance and fuel efficiency of Suzuki 4-stroke outboards. You can rely on genuine Suzuki fuel and oil filters, engine oil and gear oil. Suzuki Marine 4 Cycle Engine Oil offers your outboard the Ultimate in performance and...

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Suzuki Motor Corporation Suzuki history begins with the founding of Suzuki Loom Works by Michio Suzuki in October 1909. Realizing that weaver wanted to produce cloth both vertical and horizontal patterns, he developed an automated loom capable of weaving patterned cloth from space dyed yarn. His commitment to innovative engineering was the start of an uncompromising focus on creating products that meet people’s needs and offer new life style possibilities. While the company has evolved, diversified, and expanded since then, we have always honored our founder’s commitment to innovative...

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