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DF225/200 - 2

Suzuki’s Award Winning Technology The product of unrivaled expertise and world class technology, Suzuki’s four-stroke outboards have long been on the cutting edge of outboard performance winning acclaim and awards for their advanced technology, innovative ideas, and designs. We were the first to introduce a digital Electronic Fuel Injection four-stroke; an idea that allowed the DF60 and DF70 to receive further recognition from the International Marine Trades Exposition and Convention when they captured the IMTEC Innovation Award. We were the first to offer an automotive type self-adjusting...

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DF225/200 - 3

DF200/225 PRODUCT INFORMATION Newly Designed Compact High Performance Engine Torque Curve with Multi-Stage Induction TORQUE (50N•m) The new DF200 and DF225 both utilize a newly designed 3.6-liter DOHC, 24-valve V6 engine that produces 200PS (147kW) and 225PS (165kW) in their respective DF200 and DF225 configurations. At 3614cm3 this is the largest displacement in the industry and for Suzuki to date, but an innovative design makes them the lightest and most compact outboards in their class. Key features shared by both of these powerful four-strokes include Suzuki’s digital sequential...

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DF225/200 - 4

Two-Stage Gear Reduction Propeller Diameter Comparison With such a high performance engine now at our disposal, losing any power in the propulsion system would be a waste, so our engineers chose an efficient means of supplying maximum propulsion. A propeller rotating at high speed in the water has a tendency to slip and when two propellers of the same pitch but different diameters are rotated, the smaller propeller will slip more than the larger. So to obtain maximum propulsion, spinning a larger diameter propeller with a suitable pitch is the answer. But to spin a larger propeller, more...

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DF225/200 - 5

DF200/225 PRODUCT INFORMATION Cam Drive System Two-Stage Cam Drive System The two-stage cam drive system utilized in the DF200 and DF225 incorporates both gears and a chain. The system’s first stage gears transfer power between the crankshaft and the drive shaft (32:40) while the second stage utilizes a chain to deliver power from the drive shaft to the camshaft (20:32). This allows for the use of smaller diameter cam sprockets, which in turn allows for a reduction in valve angles also reducing the size of the cylinder head. The timing chain is equipped with an automatic hydraulic tensioner...

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DF225/200 - 6

s Low Emissions fuel to be injected at high pressure into each of the cylinders by the Multi Point Sequential Fuel Injection system. This system greatly reduces exhaust emissions allowing the DF200 and DF225 to pass both the EPA 2006 regulations and CARB 2008 regulations, the strictest exhaust regulations to date, while providing lower fuel consumption, smooth starts, crisp acceleration, smooth performance and maximum efficiency. Multi Point Electronic Fuel Injection As Suzuki was the first in the industry to incorporate multi point electronic fuel injection in a four-stroke outboard with...

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DF225/200 - 7

DF200/225 PRODUCT INFORMATION s Convenient Function Alternator Output High Output Alternator (A) Both outboards are equipped with a high output alternator that delivers 54 A(12V) of electrical power. Designed to produce a majority of this power at low rpm, around 38 A is delivered even at 1,000rpm. It delivers a generous amount of current to keep an assortment of electronics up and running. 55 50 45 40 35 30 Tilt Limit Switch 25 The motor tilt system incorporates a user settable tilt limit switch, which prevents the motor from tilting beyond a predetermined position. This can be used to...

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DF225/200 - 8

DF200/225 SPECIFICATIONS MODEL ENGINE TYPE FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM TRANSOM HEIGHT mm (in.) *200Z, 225Z are Counter Rotation Models. DF200/200Z DF225/225Z Four-Stroke DOHC 24 Valves Multi Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection X: 635(25) X: 635(25), XX: 762(30) STARTING SYSTEM Electric X: 263 (580) XX: 268 (591) WEIGHT kg (Ibs.) NO. OF CYLINDERS V6 (55-degree) PISTON DISPLACEMENT cm3 (cu. in.) 3,614 (220.5) BORE × STROKE m/m (in.) 95 × 85 (3.74 × 3.35) MAXIMUM OUTPUT PS (kW) /rpm FULL THROTTLE OPERATING RANGE rpm 200 (147)/5500 225 (165)/5500 5000-6000 5000-6000 STEERING Remote OIL PAN...

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