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Lightweight Design–Heavyweight Power Power and performance come at a cost, that being weight. So when it comes to selecting an outboard for your boat, the balance of power and weight becomes an important issue in making the right choice. Until now, powering your boat with a (200HP) class outboard meant V6 power. That has all changed with Suzuki’s DF200A. With the DF200A, our goal was to build an outboard that provides all of the power and performance of a (200HP) class V6 outboard using a lighter, more compact four-cylinder configuration. To deliver that level of performance our engineers...

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The Suzuki Lean Burn Control System is an intelligent fuel delivery system that achieves remarkable improvements in fuel consumption making fuel-efficient four-stroke outboards even more economical. Monitoring engine performance and operating conditions in real time, the system uses the 32-bit onboard ECM to predict fuel needs and deliver a leaner, precise fuel mixture across the outboard’s operating range. The results show significant improvements in fuel economy across the powerband, including the cruising range where the engine is used a majority of the time. Comparing the new DF200A...

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Big Block—High Performance Engine The design goal for the new DF200A was to provide boaters with the performance of a V6 DF200 outboard from a more compact, lighter weight four-cylinder engine. For this, Suzuki engineers started with the 2.9-liter straight-four block used on DF150/175, updating the “Big Block” design with a DOHC four-valve per cylinder powerhead and a 10.2:1 compression ratio. In addition, the engine incorporates Variable Valve Timing, Multistage Induction, and a 32-bit onboard computer. The end result is an engine that weighs 66lbs less than the its V6 version making it an...

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Offset Drive Shaft Pioneered by Suzuki, the use of the offset drive shaft on four-stroke outboards has long been utilized to reduce the size of the outboard. Found on all Suzuki four-strokes from the DF70A and up, this design positions the crankshaft in front of the drive shaft simultaneously moving the outboard’s center of gravity forward. While the design contributes greatly to the outboard’s overall compactness and increased power performance, it also moves the engine’s axis of inertia, the point where engine vibrations are at a minimum, up over the upper engine mount, thus greatly...

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Advanced Electronics the ECM’s 32-bit computer. The system delivers improved fuel economy, crisp acceleration and reduced emissions that meet EPA regulations, and has received a three-star rating from the California Air Resource Board (CARB). 32-Bit ECM (Engine Control Module) The DF200A is equipped with a 32-bit ECM (Engine Control Module) that provides precision control over motor operation, particularly the ignition and fuel delivery systems. This powerful onboard computer monitors and processes key data gathered in real-time from a series of sensors placed in areas crucial to engine...

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Suzuki Keyless Start System** (DF200AP only) Suzuki’s new Keyless Start system utilizes a proximity keyfob that transmits an access code to the engine’s starting system. As long as you have the key-fob on your person, all you need to do is stand within one meter of the console, connect the safety lanyard, turn on the main switch, then start the outboard with a push of a button. With the key remaining safely in your pocket, the system offers simple, stress-free operation while reducing the risk of a lost key. The system also makes for an excellent theft deterrent since the outboard will not...

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STARTING SYSTEM ENGINE TYPE DOHC 16-Valve Multi-Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection PISTON DISPLACEMENT cu.in. (cc) IGNITION SYSTEM ENGINE MOUNTING TRIM METHOD Power Trim and Tilt GEAR SHIFT Through Prop Hub Exhaust PROPELLER SELECTION (Pitch) All propellers are the 3-blade type Optional *Please inquire at your local dealer for details of the propeller. GEAR RATIO FULL THROTTLE OPERATING RANGE rpm FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM RECOMMENDED TRANSOM HEIGHT (in.) *1: Dry Weight: Including battery cable, not including propeller and engine oil. *2: DF200AZ: Counter Rotation Model. Boats and motors...

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