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DF175AP/150AP - 2

High-End Performance And Features Put The New DF175AP/150AP In A Class Of Their Own Suzuki’s ability to deliver outstanding power and performance from remarkably compact outboards has brought the company more awards for innovative designs than any other manufacturer in the industry. This was recently demonstrated with the release of the DF200AP, which provided boaters with a lighter, more compact in-line four-cylinder alternative to V6 power in the 200 horsepower outboard class. The new DF175AP and DF150AP share the engineering DNA of the DF200AP and offer the same level of technological...

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DF175AP/150AP - 3

Main Features of the New DF175AP/150AP • Suzuki’s “Big Block” in-line four-cylinder engine utilizes a large 174.9 cu.in. displacement and high compression ratio to generate 150 and 175 horsepower respectively for impressive acceleration and low-end torque. • Suzuki Selective Rotation allows the same engine to be configured for either standard or counter rotation**. • Semi Direct Air Intake System provides the engine with a cooler airflow to enhance power output. • Suzuki Lean Burn Control combined with Suzuki Precision Control offers excellent fuel efficiency over a wide operating range...

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DF175AP/150AP - 4

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY FOR PERFORMANCE AND SMOOTH OPERATION Suzuki Precision Control (Electronic Throttle and Shift System) Suzuki Precision Control is a technologically advanced computer-based control system that replaces the mechanical control cables found in conventional control systems with electronic wiring that eliminates the source of friction and resistance. While you enjoy smooth throttle and shift operation, the system's computer is processing and transmitting commands in real-time to actuators at the engine that deliver precise throttle controls with smooth, decisive shifting. This...

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DF175AP/150AP - 5

Multi-Stage Induction (MSI) Getting the right amount of air into the cylinder has a great impact on performance. High-speed operation typically requires a greater volume of air, low-speed less. Suzuki’s Multi-Stage Induction system meets these needs by utilizing two intake manifold pipes per cylinder to ensure the engine gets the right amount of Air Flow in Multi-Stage air. At low rpm, air enters the combustion Induction Module chamber through a longer, curved manifold High rpm Lower rpm pipe designed to improve combustion and boost low-end torque. As rpm increases, the valves open on the...

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DF175AP/150AP - 6

ADVANCED ELECTRONICS AND DESIGN WITH CONVENIENCE IN MIND 32-Bit ECM (Engine Control Module) Tilt Limit System Both the DF175AP and DF150AP utilize a 32-bit ECM (Engine Control Module) that provides precision control over motor operation, particularly the ignition and fuel delivery systems. This powerful onboard computer monitors and processes key data gathered in real-time from a series of sensors placed in areas crucial to engine operation. Those sensors include the Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, Crankshaft Position Sensor, Intake Air Temperature Sensor, Shift Position Sensor, Throttle...

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DF175AP/150AP - 7

DURABILITY AND RELIABILITY Dual Engine Flush Ports Suzuki’s Anti-Corrosion Finish Over time, salt, sand, and dirt buildup can restrict flow in the cooling system causing damage. To help prevent such buildup, both outboards are equipped with two freshwater flush ports that make flushing the cooling system as easy as possible. With one port located on the port side of the down housing and a second on the front panel, you’ll always have easy access to the flushing system whether the boat is in or out of the water. To guard against corrosion, Suzuki protects its outboards with its own specially...

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DF175AP/150AP - 8

DF175AP/150AP SPECIFICATIONS DIMENSIONS MODEL *1: Dry Weight: Including battery cable, not including propeller and engine oil. *2: Please inquire at your local dealer for details of the propeller. Please read your owner's manual carefully. Remember, boating and alcohol or other drugs don't mix. Always wear a USCG-Approved life jacket when boating. Please operate your outboard safely and responsibly. Suzuki encourages you to operate your boat safely and with respect for the marine environment. Specifications, appearances, equipment, colors, materials and other items of “SUZUKI" products...

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