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Fresh Ideas, Advanced Technology and Innovative Design Keep Suzuki Ahead of the Competition Unrivaled expertise, world-class technology, innovative ideas and design… That’s an excellent summary of what you can find in Suzuki’s line of four-stroke outboards. At Suzuki, our goal has always been to provide boaters with the power to get the most enjoyment from their boating experience. To that end, we have employed outside-the-box thinking, cutting edge technology, and refined designs to develop a line of four-stroke outboard motors unmatched by the competition. In so doing, Suzuki built the...

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Big Block – High Performance Engine Suzuki’s DF150 and DF175 are based on an inline four-cylinder DOHC powerhead with a 174.9 cu.in. (2,867cm3) displacement–one of the largest in the four-stroke, four-cylinder category. While the added displacement contributes greatly to exceptional acceleration and velocity, it doesn’t mean that these engines are comparatively larger or heavier in size. To the contrary, Suzuki’s engineers have targeted these big block motors to be one of the lightest four-strokes in their class. Taking advantage of the advances Suzuki engineers have made in four-stroke...

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Advanced Technology for the Performance Large Displacement The DF150 and DF175 utilize an in-line four-cylinder four-stroke engine with a DOHC fourvalve powerhead that produces 150hp and 175hp respectively. At 174.9 cu.in. (2,867cm3) these two outboards offer one of the largest displacement in the four-stroke, four-cylinder category. And thanks to Suzuki’s innovative engineering, they are also very light weighing in at 474 lbs. 20” Transom height / 485 lbs. - 25” Transom height. VVT (Variable Valve Timing) (DF175) In designing the DF175, our goal was to expand the potential of the...

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SMOOTH OPERATION Counter Balancer System In-line four-cylinder engines operating at high rpms generate a secondary vibration that is directionally in line with the pistons’ movement. In order to counter this vibration, Suzuki engineers utilize a secondary balancer system, which produces a horizontal motion against pistons’ movement. To produce this horizontal motion, the balancer is divided into left and right sections, each rotating in an opposite direction. Rotating at twice the speed of the crankshaft, the balancers effectively counter these secondary vibrations and produce a smoother...

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Advanced Electronics 32-Bit ECM (Engine Control Module) The ECM (Engine Control Module) allows much more accurate control over the motor’s operation, particularly the engine’s ignition and fuel delivery systems. The DF150 and DF175 rely on a powerful 32-bit computer in the ECM to monitor and process crucial data, in real time, from a series of sensors placed in critical areas on the engine. This comprehensive network of sensors includes the Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, Crankshaft Position Sensor, Intake Air Temperature Sensor, Shift Position Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor, Cylinder...

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High Output Alternators The DF150 and DF175 are equipped with alternators that produce a maximum output of 44A (12V) and are capable of producing almost 80% of their total output at a low 1,000 rpm. In most cases, that’s enough power to keep an assortment of electronics up and running. Alternator Output DESIGNED WITH CONVENIENCE IN MIND Tilt Limit Switch The motor tilt system incorporates a tilt limit switch that prevents the motor from tilting beyond a predetermined point. The system can be set by Tilt Limit System the user and can be used to protect both the boat and motor from damage...

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Suzuki Motor Corporation Suzuki history begins with the founding of Suzuki Loom Works by Michio Suzuki in October 1909. Realizing that weaver wanted to produce cloth both vertical and horizontal patterns, he developed an automated loom capable of weaving patterned cloth from space dyed yarn. His commitment to innovative engineering was the start of an uncompromising focus on creating products that meet people’s needs and offer new life style possibilities. While the company has evolved, diversied, and expanded since then, we have always honored our founder’s commitment to innovative...

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