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DF140 - 2

Award Winning Technology Suzuki outboards are the product of unrivaled expertise and cutting edge technology gained from extensive experience in the devel- opment and manufacturing of motorcycles. automobiles, marine and power products. That's stroke outboards, some their advanced technol- have bçcome popular by bine quid and efficient four-stroke technology digital sequential electronic fuel injection; an idea that received further recognition from the Interna- tional Marine Trades Exposition and Conven- tion when it captured the IMTEC Innova- tion Award. The DF40 and DF5Ü brought the...

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DF140 - 3

In designing the DFI40, we wanted to expand the top end of our current DF9.9 to DF115 four-stroke lineup with a four- cylinder in-line outboard that would deliver greater horse- power to the lineup through advanced technology. We wanted the DF140 to be compact, and to deliver power that doesn't pale when compared to a two-stroke Outboard. Of course, it must be environmentally friendly, produce low emissions. deliver excellent fuel efficiency plus provide quiet operation, low vibration and superb reliability so that your boating experience is always a pleasurable one. Obtaining more power...

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DF140 - 4

Keeping the Outboard Cool The DFI40 utilizes a comprehensive cooling system that circuhncs water not only through the block but also cools the crankcase, intake manifold, fuel line and a newly designed oil cooler (fig.5). The first to be used on a Suzuki outboard, this oil cooler is a bolt-on type fitting between the oil filler and the block. Its compact and simple design is efficient at keeping oil temperature under control while providing ease of maintenance. Just as in the DF1 15, fan blades incorporated into the flywheel design (fig.6) effi- ciently expel heat from within the engine...

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DF140 - 5

Utilizing a small displacement, high oulpul engine contributed greatly to keeping the size and weight of the DF140 to a minimum. But to keep the outboard" s size and weight down, we also look a fresh look at each component often redesigning parts we felt could be improved. Parts like the clamp brackets, which are now designed lighter than those previously used. Such intense scrutiny left the DFI40 at an impressively light weight weighing slightly less than the DF115. Deliver- ing nearly 5l.5kw/¿ (70ps/¿). the resulting power to weight ratio ( I .S5kg/kw 11.36kg/ps|. UL transom height) broke...

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DF140 - 6

incorporates an ECM (Electronic Control Module) (fig. 13) and Suzuki's Multi Point Sequential Fuel Injection. The ECM constantly monitors crucial data. in real lime, from a series of sensors placed in critical areas on the engine. The sensor system is made up of the Manifold Pressure Sensor. Crankshaft Position Sensi)r. Intake Air Temperature Sensor, Cylinder Temperature Sensor, Cam Position Sensor, and Ex- haust Jacket Temperature Sensor. The data from these sensors is conveyed to ECM's computer, which in- stantly calculates the optimum amount of fuel to be injected at high pressure by the...

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DF140 - 7

Suzuki utilizes an electronic Dash Pot System where other manufactures generally use mechanical systems. The Electronic Dash Pot System only func- tions when there is a sudden throttle transition, from open to closed, smoothly reducing rpm's to reduce The timing chain is equipped with an automa!ie hydraulic tensioner to keep the chain properly lensioned. This system provides years of maintenance- free operation. While contributing to the compactness of the outboard engine, the offset drive shaft moves the engine forward placing its axis of inertia, the point where vibrations produced by the...

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DF140 - 8

• Electronic Fuel Injection • Multi-Function Tachometer Check Engine Indicator Rev-Limit Indicator Overheat Warning Indicator • Over-Rev Limiter • Oil Change Reminder System • Emergency Stop Switch • Fully-Transistorized Ignition • Temp Activated Fast Idle • Full Shifting • Tilt Stopper • S.S. Water Pump Housing • Anti-Corrosion System • Fishing Line Cutter • The direction of the pilot water hole is • Freshwater Engine Flush Port • The lower cover separates into two • Counter Rotation Model DF140G CARB Three-Star Label The Ihree-star label Identities engines that meet the emission standards...

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