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DF115/90 - 2

Fully Committed to the Future Expanding Suzuki's four-stroke DF line of outboards, the new DF90 and DF115 are the product of years of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of motorcycle, automotive and outboard engines. Experience that has resulted in environmentally friendly, award-winning Suzuki engineers have gone to great lengths to keep both 1950cc engines as compact as possible. The utilization of an offset drive shaft, combined with a two-stage mixed cam drive—a first for any out- board—offers overall compactness as well as in- creased performance. Suzuki engineers...

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DF115/90 - 3

The following points have been kept in mind in the design of the DF90 O Create an overall design that is as compact as possible. © Offer boaters low fuel consumption, low noise level and low vibration. O Provide boaters with an outboard that delivers maximum power and performance. O Incorporate Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection into a 4-stroke outboard. 0 Ensure Compliance with CARB (California Air Resources Board) exhaust emission standards set to take effect in the year 2008 and EPA 2006 exhaust emission standards. Compact Outboards Along with creating clean-running outboards, another...

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DF115/90 - 4

Suzuki's Advanced Engineering CYLINDER HEAD ASSY A long history in the design and manufacture of motorcycle, automotive and marine engines gives Suzuki an unrivaled ability to blend the best of its advanced technology and know-how into the creation of the DF9Ü and DF115 outboard engines. Based on proven automotive designs, engines for both outboards have been specifically redesigned for use in marine The same DOHC, 4-valve cylinder head design as and DF1I5. To keep overall size to a minimum our engineers utilized an offset drive shaft system with a reduction gear incorporated at the bottom...

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DF115/90 - 5

RODUCT INFORMATION Fuel Delivery System phragm type fuel pump thai runs off the cam drive. Upstream of the pressure regulator, a Fuel Cooler is now incorporated in place of a water jacket to cool the fuel. All fuel-related components are located on the intake manifold. Intake Manifold The aluminum-cast intake manifold is designed with a comparatively long branch to boost the engine's mid range torque. The intake manifold consists of the IAC (Idle Air Control), a newly designed Fuel Cooler and Vapor Separator, two types of Fuel Filters, the Throttle Body and related fuel system components....

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DF115/90 - 6

The E.C.M. (Engine Control Module) system controls the engine's ignition system and provides an ideal fuel supply under all running conditions. The E.C.M. constantly monitors crucial data, in real time. from a series of sensors placed in critical areas in the engine. The sensor system is made up of the Manifold Pressure Sensor, Crankshaft Position Sensor, Intake Air Temperature Sensor, Cylinder Temperature Sensor, Cam Position Sensor and Exhaust Jacket Temperature Sensor. The data from these sensors is conveyed to a computer that instantly calculates (Speed-Density type) the optimum amount...

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DF115/90 - 7

High Output Alternator Both the DF90 and DF115 arc equipped with high output alternators that deliver a total of 4()A(12V) lor increased electri- blades incorpo- diameter flywheel magneto circulate cooled regulator large capacity power generator. first Suzuki dust-proof starter ALTERNATOR OUTPUT Flywheel magneto Oil changes arc easy with the drain plug located on the front of the oil pan making draining of the oil possible with the engine in the tilt up position. A spin on oil filter is utilized and the oil filler cap is attached to the top of the cylinder head to provide easy access cover...

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DF115/90 - 8

mflmil\ anil molar\ time m a large variety of fumbinuiiony Si'r your militarized dealer fnr correct prop, selection to meet SUZUKI MO TOR ('Oltl'ÜKA'l ION icservcs (tic righi to change, without nol tec. equipment. >pccificallonv irulnurs. nulcrmlv nnd itihcr items lo «pplv I" lutai conditions. Lach model may be discontinued without milice I . ìaquift al your local dcilcr Actual H«HI> colour* may differ slightly from the colours in ihn brochure • Electronic Fuel Injection • Multi-Function Tachometer Check Engine Indicator Rev-Limit Indicator Overheat Warning Indicator • Over-Rev Limiter •...

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