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2017 Suzuki Outboard Motors Catalog - 1

2017 SUZUKI OUTBOARD MOTORS Suzuki's "Way of Life!" is the heart of our brand – every Suzuki ATV, motorcycle and outboard motor is built to create excitement so customers can enjoy everyday life. SUZUKI MOTOR OF AMERICA, INC. 3251 East Imperial Highway www.suzukimarine.com Please read your Owner's Manual carefully. Remember, boating and alcohol or other drugs don't mix. Always wear a USCG-Approved life jacket when boating. Suzuki encourages you to operate your boat safely and with respect for the marine environment. Specifications, appearances, equipment, colors, materials and other items of "SUZUKI" products shown in thie catalog are subject to change by manufacturers at any time without notice and they may vary depending on local conditions or requirments. Some models are not available in some territories. Each model might be discontinued without notice. Please enquire at your locat dealer for details of any such changes. Actual body color might differ from the colors in this brochure. Printed in USA

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2017 Suzuki Outboard Motors Catalog - 2

EXPERT'S CHOICE DRIVE BY WIRE DF300AP/250AP 10-11 MECHANICAL DF250/225 DRIVE BY WIRE DF200AP/175AP/150AP 12-13 MECHANICAL DF200A/175/150 LIGHTWEIGHT SPORTS MECHANICAL 14-15 DF140A/115A/90A/70A HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPACT MECHANICAL 16-17 DF60A/50A/40A/60AV/50AV PORTABLE FUN MECHANICAL 18-19 DF30A/25A/20A/15A/9.9B DF6A/4A/2.5 SS SERIES MECHANICAL 20-21 250SS/150SS/115SS SUZUKI TECHNOLOGY Important note: Always wear a USCG-Approved lifejacket when boating and an emergency stop switch cord when operating an outboard. …one that provides boaters with the utmost in excitement and satisfaction. We've...

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2017 Suzuki Outboard Motors Catalog - 3

More modern, more stylish! New Color & Graphics give your boat a more sophisticated look. Pearl Nebular Black - our deepest black finish yet. Inlayed blue flakes sparkle under the sun. A solid emblem is attached on the drive-by-wire series for both black and white models, providing the outboards with a look that matches their performance. Graphics have been renewed, while preserving the image of Suzuki outboard’s 50-year history, to a contemporary and stylish design. They are now more in tune with today’s boat styles. DRIVE BY WIRE SERIES Suzuki 250SS, 150SS and 115SS outboards are...

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2017 Suzuki Outboard Motors Catalog - 4

From U.K Suzuki Outboards reliability is important to the filming of TV’s number one fishing show. I wish I had some amazing story about Suzuki. Fact is I switched to Suzuki almost five years ago now when I bought my first one and all I can tell you is it’s a pretty boring motor, but to me that defines reliability. It starts every time I push the button, has an awesome hole shot even with all my gear, cameramen, cohost and a full tank of fuel in my 24 BlueWave Pure Bay. The top end is as good or better than any 300 out there. It’s so quiet it trained me to look at my tach to see if it’s...

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2017 Suzuki Outboard Motors Catalog - 5

High-End Performance and Features Put The New DF175AP/150AP in A Class of Their Own The DF175AP and DF150AP share the engineering DNA of Suzuki's DF200AP - an in-line four cylinder outboard that delivers the power and performance of a V6. These new outboards are designed with the same level of technology and high-end features you expect from Suzuki engineers. The DF175AP and DF150AP are designed on an in-line four-cylinder DOHC powerhead with 175 cu.in. displacement, the largest to date in the 4-stroke, four-cylinder DOHC category. While the large displacement delivers both exceptional...

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2017 Suzuki Outboard Motors Catalog - 6

DRIVE BY WIRE SERIES Learn more about Suzuki outboards at www.suzukimarine.com. Important note: Always wear a USCG-Approved lifejacket when boating and an emergency stop switch cord when operating an outboard. ENGINEERED WITH SUZUKI’S BEST, MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES TO DELIVER THE ULTIMATE IN FUN AND PERFORMANCE 10 Suzuki V6 4-stroke outboards deliver both power and durability. Don’t be surprised to find all other boats left in your wake! Suzuki released V6 4-stroke outboards for the first time in 2003. These engines, supported by 14 years of Suzuki’s experience in V6 technology,...

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2017 Suzuki Outboard Motors Catalog - 7

DRIVE BY WIRE SERIES Though it's a lightweight, in-line four-cylinder engine, the big bore “BIG BLOCK” engine with 175 cu.in. displacement can expend great power comparable to the V6. In addition to its award winning high quality and silent design, high grade Suzuki Selective Rotation and Suzuki Precision Control are employed in DF200AP and new DF175AP/150AP models. You can count on it to make your boating life more enjoyable. HIGH 10.2:1 COMPRESSION RATIO AND LARGEST IN CLASS DISPLACEMENT Compression and displacement each play important roles in delivering performance and power output....

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2017 Suzuki Outboard Motors Catalog - 8

A large gear ratio enabled by an offset driveshaft assures both power and speed, while a lean burn control system leads to low fuel consumption, thus creating a well-balanced clean engine. This outboard satisfies a variety of boating needs, from recreational to commercial use. LIGHTWEIGHT SPORTS The DF70A and up feature 2-stage gear reduction that delivers the torque needed to turn a large diameter propeller. This is normally done using larger gear or a larger gear box, but Suzuki has long employed a two-stage system that provides the required torque without adding unwanted bulk or weight...

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2017 Suzuki Outboard Motors Catalog - 9

Compact, yet powerful. Low maintenance as well. These outboards are wellsuited for a wide range of boats, including pontoon boats. Suzuki has just the right engine for your boating lifestyle. SELF-ADJUSTING TIMING CHAIN All models from the DF40A up through the DF300AP feature a maintenance-free timing chain. A simple yet effect design has the chain running through an oil-bath to keep it lubricated and includes an automatic hydraulic tensioner which keeps the chain in proper adjustment for maintenance free operation. HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPACT MECHANICAL SERIES SUZUKI EASY START SYSTEM Starts...

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2017 Suzuki Outboard Motors Catalog - 10

High performance, lightweight, compact and low on fuel consumption...you can have it all in one! Whether you're out for a high-speed ride around the lake or just taking a quiet cruise with family and friends, these Suzuki portable outboards will take you there. BATTERY-LESS ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION Our portable outboards feature Battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection. A remarkably compact and lightweight fuel injection system is designed to fit into these outboards without adding unneeded bulk or weight. What’s more, it operates without a battery and still delivers quicker starts, smoother...

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