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YOUR ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE STARTS WITH THE POWER, PRECISION, AND PERFORMANCE OF A SUZUKI 4-STROKE People are drawn to the water for a variety of reasons. For many it’s the pursuit of sport—fishing, skiing, hunting, diving, racing. For some it’s pleasure – getting away from busy schedules, a change of scenery, connecting with nature. But of those who are drawn to the water, most have one thing in common. They seek the ultimate experience. And for that, you need an outboard that you can depend on. One that lets you concentrate on the reason you’re out on the water in the first place. Whatever...

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EURO 1 Emissions Standards (EU Directive 2003/44/EC) Label EPA 2006 Label CARB Three-Star and Two-Star Labels This label represents conformity to EU emissions standards (exhaust gases and noise levels) set by the European Parliament and the Council. These standards for 4-stroke outboard motors are effective from January 1st, 2006. The outboard motors with the former “EU 2005 Emissions Standards” label also conform to these standards. Suzuki’s 4-stroke technology ensures compliance with EPA 2006 exhaust emission standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The three-star label...

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V6 4-strokes DF250/DF225/DF200 A REVOLUTION IN V6 4-STROKES The most powerful V6 4-stroke outboards in Suzuki’s line-up—the ultimate DF250, DF225, and DF200—offer reliable operation, award winning technology, and exhilarating performance that has won respect and acclaim throughout the boating industry. Rig a Suzuki V6 on your transom and feel the power. Take control of your environment with the biggest capacity and the lightest V6 4-stroke ever designed. Understand the difference between other engines and a state-of-the art, computerenhanced, incredibly powerful Suzuki V6 4-stroke. 4

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250 Designed to move a lot of boat through a lot of water There is no outboard on the water that can compare with the 4-stroke V6 motors from Suzuki. Whether you choose the DF250, DF225, or DF200, nothing else even comes close to our award-winning power. And we’re talking about four industry awards for outboard innovation! More mid-range power Suzuki’s advanced variable valve timing gives the DF250 powerful acceleration in the 1500 to 5000 rpm range while a multi-stage induction system provides the most efficient air flow for ultimate top-end performance on both the DF225 and DF250. More...

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225/200 Computer efficient fuel injection Advanced multi-point sequential fuel injection monitored by the first 32-bit onboard computer, keeps Electronic Fuel Injection performance fine-tuned. At the same time, a solid-state direct ignition provides a hotter spark with less electronic interference. What’s more, these outboards offer superior fuel economy, conform to EURO 1 emissions standards, and qualify for 2006 standards set by the EPA. So the 55º wind at your back is cool and clean. Lightest and most compact Weighing in at only 263 kg (X Shaft Model), Suzuki V6s dispel the notion that a...

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FIVE IN-LINE 4-STROKES WITH INCREDIBLE STAMINA You’re up before the sun. The water is still a sheet of glass. Electronic fuel injection breathes instant life into your outboard. The ride out is quiet but you can feel the awesome power behind you. Unbridled four-stroke acceleration whisks you to your first spot and lets you manoeuvre quickly and easily to your second. The day is beginning the way so many others have before. You can get the most out of your boat, because Suzuki builds so much reliability into its in-line four-cylinder outboards, the DF90, DF115, DF140, DF150 and DF175. These...

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175 Setting a new benchmark for four-stroke performance Our engineers took advantage of advances made in four-stroke engine technology and performance in designing the most powerful four-cylinder outboards Suzuki has ever built. The largest displacement four-strokes in their class Suzuki’s talent for delivering high-end power from compact designs is evident in this pair of in-line four-cylinder outboards. Turning the key unleashes big block performance from their 2,867cm3 powerheads—the largest in their class—but while their large displacement contributes greatly to producing exceptional...

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150 Fuel efficient operation through Suzuki technology The DF175 and DF150 deliver amazing performance but not at the expense of economy. Utilizing a 32-bit onboard computer to optimize electronic fuel injection performance, both outboards offer superior fuel economy, conform to EURO 1 emission standards, and qualify for 2006 standards set by the EPA. Transferring power into speed Both the DF175 and DF150 are designed to swing a larger diameter prop and feature a more aggressive gear ratio. The combination of larger prop and lower gear ratio delivers a superior holeshot, which is especially...

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140 Get ready for three 4-stroke performers that pack a lot of wallop in the water The DF140, DF115 and DF90 bring you so many advanced features, we hardly know where to begin. Endurance you can rely on From the first second you power up your first Suzuki outboard, you’ll recognize the power and precision of a well-designed machine. Digital ignition reacts without hesitation. The engine runs quietly and smoke-free. And performance is nothing short of total technological harmony. Boatload of features Exceptional features such as forged one-piece crankshaft, stainless steel water pump,...

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115/90 In for the long haul Whether you’re trolling all day with your rod off the back, spending a day ski-ing or heading out offshore, these fuel-efficient Suzuki 4-strokes will keep up the pace no matter how demanding the day. A water-cooled engine oil cooler (DF140 only), self-adjusting oil-bathed timing chain and air-cooled high output 40amp alternator help keep your engine running strong and give you a smooth ride in the roughest water. Just say “how high” and it jumps The 2.38:1 final drive gear ratio of the DF140 lets you swing a larger prop for the perfect combination of...

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