PARSUN 2-stroke outboard motor 50-90hp


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PARSUN 2-stroke outboard motor 50-90hp - 1

Overall length Overall width_ Overall height_ Transom height_ Maximum output Idling speed(Neutral) Engine type Ignition system_ Control system_ Starting system Gear positions Gear ratio_ Trim and tilt system Fuel tank capacity Maximum fuel consumption Mixing ratio Propeller options Forward-Neutral- Reverse Hydraulic elevator •Propeller choice vM vary by boat itze and application. *B=Back control F=Front control E=EtocMc start M=Manual start W=BocWc start/Manual start S=Short shaft L^-ong short X^JHra-long 0=Hydraulle elevator -T=Etectric Ult •Propeller choice will vary by boat ate and apoacarJon. *B= Back control F=Front control E=EJectrlc start M=Manual start W=Qectr1c start/Manual start S=Short shaft L=Long shaft X=Ultra-lonQ -D=Hydrwjlk: elevator -T=Electrtetft

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PARSUN 2-stroke outboard motor 50-90hp - 2

"Propeller choice will vary try boat sto and application. *B*ack control F^ront control Electric start ^Manual start V«actric startfManual start S-Short shaft L-Long shaft X-UKra-tang -T>Hydraulic elevator -TCIactrie tilt

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