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Suzhou Parsun Power Machine Co.,Ltd. 江 No.567 Liangang Road,Suzhou,Jiangsu,China 215151 M o b i le / W h a t s a p p / We c h a t : T e l : +86-512-66212797 F a x : W e b : www.parsun.biz E-mail: www.parsun.com.cn

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About Parsun Each new model of outboard motor has passed over 500 hours of rigorous endurance testing, before commencement of mass production. PARSUN is the only outboards manufacturer that went public on China main stock exchange. The stock code is 002611 under Eastern Precision Group companies. Suzhou Parsun Power Machine Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 in Suzhou, China. Our core technology team’s collective experience dated back to 1968, including working with OMC (the original manufacturer of Johnson and Evinrude) in the development of integral components for high power outboard engines...

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Excellent starting PARSUN EFI outboard motor can be started from very hot to very cold ambient temperatures, from sea level to high altitude and from engine temperatures that range from cold to hot. Less fuel consumption & Lower emissions PARSUN EFI system delivers the exact air/fuel ratio to the engine by activating the injectors for the precise amount of time. Ultimate corrosion protection system Highly anti-corrosive paint system provides a five-layer painting against corrosion. Multiple sacrificial anodes throughout the motor provide protection from the elements. PARSUN EFI outboard...

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Features 1.Built-in freshwater flushing system provides easy routine flushing. 2.High output 18 amp alternator facilitates battery charging and fishing electronics. 3.Power trim & tilt or hydraulic system makes the engine operating more easily. 4.Magnetic drain plug for replacing oil easily. 5.Engine RPM meter, boat speed meter, battery voltage meter and tilt & trim angle meter are available at option. 6.Reliable Delphi E.F.I. multifunction diagnostic scanner (available at option). Multi-function tillers as option The following functions are included as option: engine ignition swith,...

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4-stroke Outboards T h e PA R S U N 4 - st ro k e portable outboard engines boast muscular performance despite being light in weight for their classes. Whether fishing a favorite point or taking a leisurely weekend cruise these outboard engines are a delight to use. PARSUN 4-stroke portable o u t b o a rd m o t o r s f e a t u re greater flexibility and durability. What sets PARSUN portable four-strokes apart from the competition is not just their light weight and compactness but the fact that they have the same renowned PARSUN quality technology and reliability as our large displacement...

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8.Warning systems for engine protection and safety. 9.Position oil leak-free storage system: oil leak-free storage system offers an easy way to store your engine, whether you're carrying it in a boat, a car, or a trailer. Features 1.Ultra low emission, CE and EPA approved. 2.Exhaust through the middle of propeller so as to get low noise and low vibration. 3.Innovative CDI/TCI ignition system for easy starting. 4.High-output alternator provides extra starting power. 5.Manual / electric start and remote control as options. 6.Tilt & trim with shallow water drive various positions....

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2-stroke outboards feature smaller displacement, more power and less weight! They are easier for maintenance, and maintain excellent performance and reliability for your long days of boating. All of truly portable models offer an incredible horsepower-to-weight ratio. Whatever your boating application, these are the ultimate outboards for convenience, reliability and portability. PARSUN 2-stroke outboard motors are embeded with design ideas, innovative fe a t u re s a n d s a t i s fa c t o r y performance. These outboards are available in a range of horsepowers to fit a variety of...

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6.Start in gear protection for increased safety. 7.Adjustable maneuverability friction for easier generating. 8.CDI ignition generating automatic spark advance to provide maximum power throughout the whole RPM range. Features 1.High grade marine aluminum alloy for ultimate corrosion protection. 2.Tilt & trim with shallow water drive various positions, an extremely useful feature when tackling rivers, estuaries and creeks. 3.Thermostat controlled water cooling system. 4.Safety lanyard with emergency shut off. 5.Vibration reduction system for smooth performance. 06

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Heavy-duty Outboards make PARSUN heavy-duty outboard motors highly durable and reliable. Having passed the rigid trial tests, PARSUN heavy duty 2-stroke outboard motors offer unbeatable value for money, outstanding p o w e r a n d f u e l e c o n o m y, a n d g re a t performance. Benefits 1.Safety: Engine safety stop lanyard with emergency shut off switch for stopping the engine immediately. 2.Reliable electric starter: To get a quick and easy start every time. 3.Lighting coil: 12V DC output allows you to run a spotlight. PA R S U N h e a v y - d u t y o u t boards series are designed and...

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Heavy-duty Outboards causing damage to the gears. 4 . C y l i n d e rs d e s i g n w h i c h sta n d s t h e endurance test and is proven to be powerful, efficient and reliable. 5.CDI ignition system to provide automatic spark and maximum power for engine. 6.Loop charging fuel intake delivers great fuel economy, and smooth and responsive acceleration. 7.Thermostat controlled water cooling system. 8.Vibration reduction system for smooth performance. 9. Include 24L portable fuel tank with fuel hose, remote control, basic instruments and tool kits. Features 1.The outboard can be set at a tilt...

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4.High performance and easy operation. 2.Don’t limit your hunting and fishing locations. You can reach waters that are difficult to reach with a propeller-driven outboard. 6.Safe and reliable, whereby no moving parts of jet allows for operation in water if people should come in contact with the lower unit. 1 . W h e re n o g e a r b ox a n d propped outboard, a jet drive allows you without worrying a b o u t b re a k i n g a p ro p o n rocks and other underwater obstructions. 5.Vibration reduction system for smooth performance. Control system Tiller control Tiller control Tiller control...

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