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Solar charge regulator serie FOX-X60 State 2013 Solar charge regulator serie FOX-X60 Comfortable handling, ease of installation and manifold display features are characteristics of the charge regulator serie FOX-X60 with integrated graphical display. Only quality components with automotive admission and extended temperature range are used. Product charateristics l Overcharge protection 20A is equal to solar modules of 340 Watt 12V (680W @ 24V) l Discharge protection or night light function adjustable (max. 20A), shut-off threshold via menu adjustable l FOX-360 for 2 battery banks l System voltage 12V or 24V (automatically) l Battery type can be individually set for AGM, GEL and Lead-acid batteries l Display with backlight (30sec) l Loads are supplied always of battery 1 l Charge ratio from B1 to B2 adjustable SunWare Solartechnik GmbH & Co KG TEL +49 (0)2151 47958 The charge regulators FOX-260 and FOX-360 are designed for 20A module current. The graphical backlit LCD display with very legible lettering shows the actual informations: Battery voltage(s) [V], charging current [A], module generated power [A], power consumption [A], battery charge conditions as bar chart. For the adjustment of basic settings such as selection of a battery type, various input screens are available. The optimized loading characteristic achieved in combination with the Hardware PWM-control ensure significantly rapid and gentle charging of the battery. Hazardous gassing or overcharging are safely prevented. The size of the heat sink is also dimensioned for high environmental temperatures. Düsseldorfer Straße 80 MAIL

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TECHNICAL FEATURES Charge regulator serie FOX-X60 FOX-260 Battery switchover Charge ratio Relay bistable, galvanic isolated System voltage 12V/24V, automatic detection, both battery banks similar System operating voltage Temp. compensation 50V (open circuit voltage of the modules, Uoc) Discharge protection - Shut-off threshold s tandard 10,5V, via menu adjustable - Switch-on/switch-off delay no charge current of the module/ charge current present - Shut-off threshold s tandard 11,25V, via menu adjustable - Time delay backlit graphic LCD, 30 sec., 128x64 pixel Power requirement Voltage drop...

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