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Solar modules S-series 12V State 2012 Solar modules S-series 12V Solar modules with cable outlet front side mounted. Designed for boats, flat trucks, navigation aids, sea buoys, streetlamps and many other. Made in Germany. Product charateristics l On the side, the laminate overhangs the mounting plate by approx. 5mm for a maximum of corrosion protection l 100% sea- & saltwater resistant l Non-Glass-module with unbreakable Nowoflon foil l Mounting plate made from saltwater resistant, powder-coated stainless steel l Cable output screwed, sealed and utterly water proof l Crystalline cells of highest performance class for maximum power l Ultraflat module construction (5mm), at cable output 15mm l Structured surface reduces slip risks when wet l 100% maintenance-free, self-cleaning surface l Installation: without rear ventilation by use of solar modules with 40 cells; either adhesive, screws or SunWare-clips l Walkable when installed on a solid surface (using boat shoes) l Connection cable of 3m length l Modules can be slightly bent till max. 3% (3cm/1 meter) l Rounded corners to prevent risk of injuries l 3 years warranty on power output SunWare Solartechnik GmbH & Co KG TEL +49 (0)2151 47958 Düsseldorfer Straße 80 MAIL

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TECHNICAL FEATURES Cell sizes Bore holes (D=5,5mm) Weight netto Weight brutto Valid for all modules: Uoc = 24,6V / laminate: ETFE, EVA, stainless steel / 40 cells / for 12V-systems / individually packed / cable length 3m / carrier plate VA (1.4571) pulver coated white / serial connection only permitted for 24V systems Environmental conditions : – 40 up to + 85 °C, thermal characteristic values: TK Isc: -1,1mA/K, TK Uoc: -2,3 mV/K, TK Pmpp: -19.0 mW/K * According to STC (standard test conditions), AM 1,5, 1000 W/m², 25°C, measuring tolerance: 10%. Technical changes reserved. State 9/2012...

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