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Suntech - 1

handcrafted innovation enhancing surfer experience SOFTBOARDS - PADDLE BOARDS - SCHOOL BOARDS - POOL BOARDS – RESCUE

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Suntech - 2

a bout us We inspire people to find a unique lifestyle through experiencing the outdoors and sharing with friends. We do so by sustainable innovation in the design of our high performance, and handcradted softboards. We surpass expectations by creating boards that guarantee saftey, fun, and top performance, providing for the most exclusive brands in the industry.

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Suntech - 3

our founder Carlos Echecopar, Peruvian inventor and passionated surfer founded Sunsetboard in 1984, a Peruvian softboard company. He develop a patented technology that allows us to produce high quality and performance softboards. After 15 years of experience with our successful technology in the local market, Suntech was born in the hopes to export our patented technology overseas. Today, our Suntech factory han an ISO 9001 certificate and more than 20 years of experience exporting 80 different board models around the world (Japan, Australia, Germany, EEUU, Argentina, etc.). ISO 9001...

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Suntech - 4

The soft board industry continues to grow at an exponential rate.

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Suntech - 5

But... Most of these brands mass produce their softboards in Asia.

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Suntech - 6

We believe that an exclusive brand like yours, should have an exclusive board manufacturer like us.

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Suntech - 7

Our team goes beyond the work. Suntech is passion, it’s surfers, it’s an art, and above all we are a family who prides themselves in sharing our love for what we do, and technology with our clients. Our Factory is 2000 ft2 with 60 people who make up our Suntech Family. Making softboards is an art for us, our manufacturing process is 100% handcrafted. As surfers, we pay close attention to detail in the making of each product individually. We use high peak technology and the best local supplies

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Suntech - 8

X EPS: More buoyant and doesn´t allow for water absorption. Made with sustainable materials. EVA SCHOCK ABSORBER: Extra protection in case of accident. DOUBLE ALUMINIUM STRINGER: sealed with fiber and epoxy resin, making the boards lighter and more resistant. WAXLESS TRACKPAD DRAIN SCREW: Allows for water to be released in case of sharp puncture. AIR EQUALIZER VALVE: Allows the board to breathe in high temperatures, preventing bubbles and delamination. ML REINFORCEMENT: Our ML strength layer goes between the vinyl and the foam, making our boards resistant and dent proof. HI TECH VYNIL...

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Suntech - 9

We offer 3 different density foam blanks: D1, D1.5 and D2 with a version of polystyrene that features small foam balls in a closed cell. We typically use D1.5 pcf (pounds per cubic foot) which offers the perfect blend between light-weight and durability. In some cases (i.e. rescue line and school boards) we use D2 pcf. On the other hand, for longboards and stand up paddles we decrease the foam density to a D1 pcf to offer an ultra light-weight product. Our foam supplier is with IS0 9001 and IS0 45001:2018 certified, offering excellent quality. Has proven to be long -lasting and durable....

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Suntech - 10

Double Aluminum Stringer Our patented double aluminum stringer offers the perfect combination between resistance, durability, and flex. This innovative technology allows for the boards to be used in heavy beach breaks without any concern that the board will break. Aluminum thickness and width varies (H form, T form and 2T) depending on the board’s resistance.

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Suntech - 11

Our ML strength layer goes between the vinyl and the foam to provide extra cushion and protection. Which makes our boards extremely resistant and dent/ding proof.

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Suntech - 12

Anti-Delamination Vinyltech (ADV) Our Hi-Tech patented cover expands or contracts with temperature swings, which prevents delamination. The ADV has UV protection and doesn’t contain any Prop 65 chemicals (California law). This technology allows for very easy repair in case of any serious puncture (i.e. rock stab). ARMY GREEN

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Suntech - 13

Shock Absorber ALUMINUM STRINGER An EVA cushion is inserted both in the tail and nose of the aluminum stringer. This cushion offers extra safety and resistance in case of any hits.

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Suntech - 14

MULTY VALVE Air Equalizer Valve CUSTOMIZABLE ART DESIGN AIR VALVE GOROTEX VALVE WARRIOR DESIGN VALVE GRAND PRIX DESIGN VALVE PHANTOM DESIGN All of our boards come with up to 3 air-valve equalizers depending on the board size. This Gortex valve allows for the boards to breathe making our boards resistant to all temperaturas. This constant flow of air prevents delamination- with our technology, we are the only boards in the market that do not delaminate.

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Suntech - 15

personalized color These come in various designs, colors and thicknesses to choose from for each type of board. Waxless Trackpad All boards have the option of a non-slip Wax-Less EVA cover so wax isn’t necessary.

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Suntech - 16

The fin and fin box are one whole piece, making installation very easy as well as providing rigidity. This system is easy to change in case there is a damage. This fin system allows you to install FCS II fins. In case of damage, the fin box is easily replaceable. This internal fin system does not require screws on the deck. It also allows for FCS II fin installation. In case of damage, the fin box requires epoxy resin to fix the fin box. FCS II ORIGINAL & FUTURE ORIGINAL We can also make the boards with the original FCS II and Futures fin systems.

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Suntech - 17

top technology maximuM performance

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Suntech - 26

You can customize the colors of the Vynil tech, air valve, grip, fin box and rails.

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Suntech - 27

PRICE list softboards School Boars *Suntech internal sealed fins have an extra of $21 *Grip back and front have an extra of $25 *Grip Waxless have an extra of $35

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Suntech - 29

“So much fun every single session, I feel I’m with my fiberglass but with an extra boost of fun

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Suntech - 39

WHY US Unlike most mass softboard manufacturers, we pay careful attention to detail, guaranteeing the highest quality in all of our products. We offer a variety of aquatic products, all using our patented technology (i.e. softboards, paddle boards, school boards pool boards, body boards, and rescue boards). As an exclusive manufacture company we don’t create for the masses. As surfers, we understand the needs of the surf industry. Our objective is to partner with the top brands in the surf industry. We can provide you with the full package- from branding to merchandising (i.e. packaged with...

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