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HD SCHOOL BOARD SERIES Longboards DURABLE SURF SHAPE FEATURES Funboards Nose protector Mini Funboards Custom Logo (Optional) Ecualize air valve Board sizes Printed Full rail protector Handle (optional) Lifted rails for better stability recommended for surfing schools Full Grips (optional) If water leaks in, it can be easily drained out through the drain screw Soft Fins: 3”and 5” Tail protec

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School Boards - 2

Fresh look school boards! H CONSTRUCTION PATENTED TECHNOLOGY wooden rail design A Double Aluminium Striger Patented Benefit: Lighter and resistant board Escuela de tablas Olas Perú TSA surf academy Hi Tech Vinyl Cover Patented Benefit: vacum cover avoids opening at the edges. Full Edge protector Benefit: Protects from opening when dragging Benefit: More flotation and doesn`t abosrbe water Benefit: Transition rails and real surf shape!

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