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Predator 68 MKII - 15 Pages

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Predator 68 MKII

Catalog excerpts

SEEK MORE We believe that to stop seeking in life is to stop living. Which is why we never let the sun set without knowing we’ve looked for more. The most innovative design. Exhilarating engineering. Jaw-dropping performance. Breathtaking attention to detail. Motoryachts to make the heart race and the soul sing. By daring to go where others don’t, we’ll take you to places others only dream of. To do this, we constantly seek perfection. And then, when we think we’ve found it? We Seek More.

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Defining an era Sunseeker is a name revered the world over. Born from a passion for powerboat racing in 1969 and an obsession to be the best, the Hostess 17 was created. A small open speedboat that changed everything. Robert and John Braithwaite had created a boat that set a new standard. And even though that was nearly half a century ago, its roots are ever-present in everything we do today It's about unrelenting passion, imagination and innovation. About the courage to be daring, to be different and to always seek a better way. To always seek more. That vision is now shared by over 2400...

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Ahead of our time We haven’t stayed in front by looking backwards. We’re always looking ahead. Always looking forward for new ways to push the boundaries of technology and ourselves. It begins at the core of the build. The hull. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has now become a key part of our design process. Allowing us to experiment with variations of hull shape to ensure we get the performance in the water we’re renowned for. It’s the type of technology not uncommon in motorsport design. We use it to allow our designers to assess sea-keeping, fuel economy, ride quality and try...

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There are some things that never change. No matter how far we come to the cutting edge, there is no machine or auto assembly that can compare to generations of true craftsmanship. Those highly skilled masters of painstaking detail that nothing can replicate. It’s why we use no substitute when it comes to our carpentry, cabinet-making, engineering, upholstery and more. We know our customers appreciate the finest of details. And we know these details can only come from true artisans.

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Every Sunseeker is unique from the crowd. it's what makes them stand out. It’s what makes them recognised and revered the world over But when our customers want something even more distinctive, they can create a Sunseeker that reflects their tastes and lifestyle perfectly. 4 Because to them, it’s more than a yacht -it’s creating a deeply personal space. A space that will enhance each day. Working with our in-house team, our customers can create a yacht which is truly their own. From choosing upholstery and fittings, to optional floorplans and arrangements, it can all be made to measure for...

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Beyond boundaries We’ve never believed in boundaries. In the way we build our yachts. In the way we see the world. We started breaking them when we built our very first boat. And this spirit is instilled within every yacht we make today. The desire to seek more. Being the UK’s largest boat manufacturer has not diluted this. In fact, it’s deeper than ever. You’ll find it in over 120 Sunseeker retail and service locations, across five continents and 74 cou

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Length overall Beam Draft Displacement Fuel capacity Fresh water capacity Black water capacity Accommodation Engine options Performance Range @ 10 knots Drives 136 litres Up to 6 guests & up to 2 crew members Up to 3,100PS Up to 36 knots Up to 330 nautical miles Shafts Built both to thrill and to inspire, the Predator 68 MKII is nothing short of i breathtaking. Whether it is piercing through J the waves at 36 knots, or poised in the marina, it demands m and deserves all the attention it gets.

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GENERAL ARRANGEMENTS EXTERIOR PLAN Shown with optional Esthec side decking MAIN DECK SIDE PROFILE Shown with optional Esthec side decking LOWER DECK

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Standard specifications Classification CE Length overall - (incl. pulpit and platform) 21.7m, 71'2” Beam - (maximum) 5.09m, 169” Draft - (@ full load incl. props) 1.58m, 52” Displacement - (@ half load) 37,300kg, 82,2091b 1 Construction Hand-laid GRP Gel coat including stripes Vinylester skin coat with powderbound mat Stitched multi-axial reinforced single-skin bottom Balsa-cored hull topsides PVC foam-cored deck and superstructure Hull stiffened with longitudinal stringers supported by transverse bulkheads and floors Fuel capacity 3,500 litres, 925 US gal. Fresh water capacity 800 litres,...

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/Seek style For those seeking style both on and off the water, the Sunseeker Collection offers a compelling range of high-performance apparel and accessories available to purchase from a Sunseeker retailer or online at

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Here at Sunseeker, we have as much commitment, care and attention when it comes to our yachts as we do when it comes to our environment and our broader society. That’s why we have teamed up with Macmillan Cancer Support to assist families coping with cancer, and the Blue Marine Foundation who are striving to protect our oceans. With your invaluable support, we can and will make a difference. WE ARE MACMILLAN. CANCER SUPPORT To find out more information or to donate please visit www. sunseeker. com/sunseeker-giving

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2017 MOTOR BOAT OF THE YEAR Manhattan 52 - Best Flybridge up to 55ft ASIA PACIFIC BOATING AWARDS 131 Yacht - Best Yacht Design BOAT BUILDER AWARDS Sunseeker ‘Beach Club’ concept -Most Innovative On-Board Design Solution BOAT BUILDER AWARDS Best Apprenticeship and Training Scheme 2016 MOTOR BOAT OF THE YEAR Predator 57 - Sports Cruiser over 45ft ASIA BOATING AWARDS 155 Yacht - Best Production Motor Yacht WALPOLE AWARDS Champion of British Luxury Manufacturing BOAT BUILDER AWARDS Robert Braithwaite - Lifetime Achievement Award 2015 ASIA BOATING AWARDS Best Brand Presence 2014 WORLD YACHT...

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