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Predator 57 - 16 Pages

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Predator 57

Catalog excerpts

We believe that to stop seeking in life is to stop living. Which is why we never let the sun set without knowing we looked for more. The most innovative design. Exhilarating engineering. Jaw-dropping performance. Breathtaking attention to detail. Awe-inspiring motoryachts to make the heart race and the soul sing. By daring to go where others don’t, well take you to places others only dream of. To do this, we constantly seek perfection. And then, when we think we’ve found it?

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We dare to dream. We dream to live. I We have always dared to seek more. I It is our past, our present, our future. It’s in our DNA. I Back in 1969, Robert and John Braithwaite were two brothers with a dream to create a boat to surpass any made before. I And so the Braithwaites built the first Sunseeker. A small, open cockpit speedboat that defined a visionary new I standard of performance. I It opened up a new world to explore, spurred by the elation I that comes from achieving a higher level of performance. Almost five decades on, this impulse still drives our work. From the light,...

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Nothing about a Sunseeker is ordinary. Since the first Sunseeker was made, to every yacht we launch, each is borne of a singular boldness of vision. Conceived by the world’s finest naval architects, designers and engineers, a Sunseeker takes shape through exhaustive hand sketches, architectural drawings, technical renderings and the latest 3D design software. Yet, though a Sunseeker yacht is made by many craftspeople, its soul is made with something greater still – a spirit of daring. A ceaseless desire to seek gives every Sunseeker its powerful presence, performance and luxury. A passion...

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In an age of mass digital production and automated assembly, we stay committed to a uniquely made, highly crafted product. Every Sunseeker is hand built and hand finished – for one simple reason. There is simply no other way to make a Sunseeker yacht. It must be painstakingly brought to life by an in-house team of over 2,000 highly skilled craftspeople. Inside and out, its meticulous detail, finish and artistry can only be achieved by handcrafting. These are skills which are precious. Passed from generation to generation, they are the skills that make a Sunseeker. Because no machine can...

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I You are truly unique. And so it should be with your Sunseeker yacht. In addition to our vast range of standard finishes our Bespoke service is offered for yachts 95 feet I and above, and gives you the freedom to create f something exclusively yours. A blank sheet of paper for you to design your yacht in a way that is personal to you. In collaboration with some of the world's finest I interior designers and style consultants, or indeed I your own designer, you can select a range of I fabrics, woods, leathers, granites and marbles to create a look and feel that's as distinct as you...

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A n e x per ience w ithou t equa l To own a Sunseeker is to own a world. But not just any world – it is your world to escape to and explore. Your way. Own a Sunseeker and you live a life like no-one else. Because, above all else, a Sunseeker gives you a rare kind of liberty. That feeling of elation when your dreams become reality. A masterpiece of high-performance design, engineering and pure winning spirit, a Sunseeker yacht takes you to truly special places – with those who are truly special to you. Whether it’s exploring the tranquility of a newly discovered coast, or cruising the seas...

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At the heart of each Sunseeker is a spirit that transcends boundaries. It was forged in the very first Sunseeker we made, and endures in every yacht we will ever make. An urge to seek more. And today it is a desire that’s as strong as ever. It’s the reason we are the UK’s largest boat manufacturer, and the only global brand to build luxury performance motoryachts across such an extensive range, from 50 to 155 feet. N O R A T O N O R P A C O Such is the worldwide demand for our yachts, you will find them at over 80 Sunseeker retail and service locations across five continents and 45...

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/,Length overall Beam Draft Displacement Fuel capacity Fresh water capacity Accommodation Engine options Performance Range Drives Up to 6 guests & up to 1 crew member Up to 1,800PS Up to 32 knots Up to 250 nautical miles Shafts or Pods

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Gener al Arr angements PREDATOR 57 MKII EXTERIOR PLAN Shown with optional teak side decking SIDE PROFILE MAIN DECK Shown with optional teak side decking LOWER DECK Shown with optional crew cabin

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Standard specifications... continued 1 Construction Hand-laid GRP Gel coat including stripes Vinylester skin coat with powderbound mat Stitched multi-axial reinforced single-skin bottom Balsa-cored hull topsides PVC foam-cored deck and superstructure Hull stiffened with longitudinal stringers supported by transverse bulkheads and floors 2 Deck Fittings all in stainless steel 8 x deck cleats in stainless steel Delta anchor and 60 metre chain (galvanised) Electric winch and capstan 24v with deck and helm controls 24v Stemhead roller and anchor stop Self-draining chain locker-fender...

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achievements 2016 MOTOR BOAT OF THE YEAR Predator 57 - Sports Cruiser over 45ft ASIA BOATING AWARDS 155 Yacht - Best Production Motor Yacht WALPOLE AWARDS Champion of British Luxury Manufacturing BOAT BUILDER AWARDS Robert Braithwaite - Lifetime Achievement Award 2015 ASIA BOATING AWARDS Best Brand Presence 2014 WORLD YACHT TROPHIES 101 Sport Yacht - ‘Best Exterior Design’ ASIA BOATING AWARDS Predator 80 - Best Worldwide Production Motoryacht 15M-24M WORLD SUPERYACHT AWARDS 40 Metre Yacht ‘Sea Raider V - Finalist 2013 ASIA BOATING AWARDS Best Brand Presence MOTOR BOAT OF THE YEAR AWARD 28...

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