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Tortuga brochure

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Up to 4 knot current Azimuthal thrust 4 x 17kgf Compact and lightweight Depth rating 500m SUBSEA TECH Marine and Underwater Technologies is a 500m depth rated underwater inspection robot. Each one of the 4 horizontal thrusters develops a 17 kgf thrust and is fitted with an unique azimuthal control system that allows operating the ROV in strong current conditions up to 4 knots, regardless of the direction. Thanks to its unrivalled 1.5 thrust to weight ratio and its fully integrated acoustic imaging solution, Tortuga is the ultimate vehicle for underwater inspections in harsh operational conditions (low visibility, strong currents, long range inspections, etc.). Tortuga is powered by 4 horizontal thrusters with azimuthal control developing each a 17kgf thrust. It offers the highest thrust to weight ratio on the inspection class ROV market. Thanks to an innovative communication protocol, the ROV tether has a reduced diameter (9.5mm) to minimize drag and optimize inspection range. HYDRODYNAMIC DESIGN Tortuga’s innovative form factor inspired from AUV design allows enhanced navigation capabilities and increased inspection range.

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ROV dimensions L 996mm x W 430mm x H 461mm ROV weight 45kg in air (35kg for Lite configura tion) / neutral in water ROV max. speed 5 knots (max. operational current. 4 knots) PROPULSION AND POWER SUPPLY Thrusters 4 horizontal thrusters manually adjus table (Lite) or with azimuthal control (17kgf per thruster) and 2 vertical thrusters (10 kgf per thruster) Power supply External power 400/230 VAC requirement SYSTEM CONTROL Piloting Console integrated in a waterproof case 625mm x 500mm x 218 mm Display 2 integrated 17'' PC screens, swit- chable for video, sonar, other sensors Control 2 x...

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