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everything remotely possible™ Perry® XLX Evo 150HP 3000m (4000m) Work Class ROV The Forum Energy Technologies Perry XLX Evo ROV represents the latest evolution in the highly successful Perry XL series. The XLX Evo features significantly enhanced performance across the full range of demanding intervention and survey tasks without compromise to the outstanding reliability for which the XL series of vehicles is renowned throughout the world. Building on the success of the XLX vehicle range, the Perry XLX Evo offers extensively reconfigured vehicle control system components. The electrical junction boxes have been re-designed to ease maintenance and the addition of equipment. The user power supply system has also been re-designed to eliminate the need for a one atmospheric control can and to allow ease of configuration. The Perry XLX Evo also features an enhanced and fully integrated survey system with interfaces compatible with all modern survey equipment, including sub bottom profilers, multibeam sonars, etc. Thruster speed sensing has been introduced to give enhanced thruster response and ease of set up. The vehicle is controlled using Perry proven Integrated Controls Engine™ (ICE™). The ICE system is a blend of proprietary hardware and software designs, which together form a general purpose control systems engine that can easily accommodate varying control applications and aid with detailed component level diagnostics.

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everything remotely possible™ Perry XLX 150 System Features • 150 shaft horsepower • 3000msw (4000msw) Depth Rating • 5000kg (5310kg) Weight (In-Air) • 300kg (250kg) Payload • 3000kg Through Frame Lift • Bollard Pull (Nominal) • 1200kgf Forward • 1200kgf Lateral • 1230kgf Vertical • ICE Real Time Control System with Gb • Motor 1800 RPM • Voltage 3 phase, 3000Vac, 60Hz • Main Pump 200cc/rev • System Flow 242lpm @ 240bar • System Flow 316lpm @ 186bar • Max. System Flow 348lpm @ 34.5bar • Aux Pump 80cc/rev • System Flow 130lpm @ 210bar Telemetry and Graphical Diagnosis Performance • Forward...

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