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everything remotely possible™ VMAXControl Console The VMAXControl Console is a single USB plug-and-play external interface that is designed to provide a wider range of control for VMAX Project Simulator Scenario Pilots/Engineers to test, train, validate and record their missions/scenarios. The purpose of this sleek mini-console is to replace, for the most part, the need for a massive ROV console or an unintuitive joystick and keyboard connection to navigate scenarios in VMAX Project Simulator while inculding standard built-in connections for other external devices, such as the Schilling T4 Master Arm Controller for more in-depth response. VMAXControl Console Features The features provided on the VMAXControl Console, resemble the majority of the controls that you expect from a full (ROV) Console. These controls would remove inefciencies in using keyboard and joysticks to validate and execute missions, therefore allowing scenarios to be piloted even when a VMAX full-up or integrated system is not accessible. Its lightweight compact design allows the unit to be easily transported from location to location, and the single USB interface allows quick and easy connection to any desktop or laptop running VMAXProject Simulator.

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