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SUBSEA TECHNOLOGIES FMAX SAFE WORKING LOAD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The Type 6a Tether Management System (TMS) has been specially developed to provide a long excursion, yet weight-efficient solution. It is capable of han- dling a 9000kg ROV package with 3g rating. It is suitable for all work-class The TMS stores and deploys the ROV package tether cable so that the ROV motion is decoupled from motions of the main umbilical to the surface vessel. It allows the ROV to work at a greater operating radius from the deployment The docking box used on the underside of the TMS has a powerful two stage latching action that structurally locks the ROV to the TMS for deployment and recovery through the sea surface. The top lifting cone can be a Forum Standard design or custom specified bul- let, to suit an existing A-Frame. The Type 6a TMS has a gentle tether route which will maximize the operating life of any matched tether. Variable tether speed Tether line pull 300 kgf Gentle tether handling Tether load sensing Auto- Render overload protection Easy access docking latches Stainless Steel Frame

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Type 6 Tether Management System - 2

everything remotely possible™ TMS TYPE 6a TETHER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM work class rov tms SPECIFICATION Tether diameter: 25-39mm Capacity (dia 27mm tether): 1500m (1028kg in air) Capacity (dia 35mm tether): 1029m (1132kg in air) Maximum line pull (inner layer): 300 kgf (adjustable) Depth Rating: 4000m Haul in speed (average): 37m/min Pay out Speed 40 m/min Weight in air (excluding tether): 3120kg Maximum load rating of umbilical connection: 13500kg (3g rating proof load 40500kgf) Maximum load rating of ROV docking box: 9000kg (3g Rating proof load 27000kgf) Diameter: 2316mm Narrowest Width:...

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