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everything remotely possible™ Tether Management Systems Category Observation Work Class Work Class Work Class Flying Garage Flying Garage ROV TMS ROV TMS ROV TMS ROV TMS For Work Class For Work Class ROV ROV Depth Rating Safe - 11,000 KG 12,500 KG 13,500 KG 15,000 KG Working Load Through - 8,000 KG 9,000 KG 9,000 KG 8,000 KG Frame Load 2,300 KG 3,000 KG 5,500 KG TBC (EXCLUDING (EXCLUDING (EXCLUDING TETHER) TETHER) TETHER) Teather - Capacity 34 M/ MIN 40 M/MIN 45 M/MIN 54 M/MIN 40 M/MIN MAX MAX MAX MAX MAX Length - NA NA NA NA NA Width - NA NA NA NA NA Thrusters - NA NA NA 4x 4x SUB-ATLANTIC SUB-ATLANTIC SA380-40 SA380-40 Optional - NA NA NA Yes Extention To Fit Tool Package To Suit As Required NA NA NA To Suit XLX ROV

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