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NAVAJO Portable ROV System Navajo is suitable for offshore and inshore use. The compact size and weight allows it to be transported and deployed from a small vehicle, yet it is large enough to provide a stable platform for video and sonar surveys. High Reliability, Easy Maintenance Colour Zoom & Low Light Mono Cameras High Power LED Lighting 300 Metre / 1000 ft Depth Rated Video Overlay 3.5 Knots Forward Speed Laser Scaling System 10 kg / 22 lb Payload with greater options Tools and Manipulator Options Navajo has been designed to carry and control instilments such as CP & UT sensors, dedicated task-specific work skids and small manipulators making this vehicle more than just an "eyeball". En- hanced reliability and low cost of purchase and ownership have been achieved by the elimination of cables and connectors, Sub-Atlantic's unique "wet" thruster and a simple modular design using corrosion resistant plastics. Navajo System Components The main system consists of the following: Surface Control Unit Hand Controller Cable Reel (Optional) ROV Flight Case (Optional) Navajo Datasheet Revision I a Page I

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System Conponents Surface Control Unit ■ Portable flight case ■ Integral flat screen monitor ■ 3 off 30-Watt Halogen lamps, dimmer controlled Camera Facilities ■ Integrated low light monochrome & colour zoom ■ High Impact Resistance & Buoyant polypropylene with stainless steel fasteners ■ Different tether options availible Tooling & Manipulators ■ Optional I, 2 or 3 function electrical manipulator ■ A range of tools have been designed to maximise ntervention capability Navajo System Specification Max. Thrust @ 0 Knots with zero voltage losses: MaxVelocity/Operational Current: Surface...

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