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MOHICAN Inspection ROV System system incorporates an enhanced propulsion system allowing it to continue working in high current conditions when other systems have to return to surface, providing a customer benefit of reduced ssel time and costs. Ultra-High Thrust Greater Than 100 kgf / 220 Ibf Both Axial and Lateral Six Brushless DCThrusters with Sub- Atlantic's Statorshield™ Technology and Dynamic Vectoring 3000 Volt, 400 Hz Power System Long, Small Diameter, Low Drag Tether 2,000 Metre / 6,500 Feet Standard Rating 35 kg / 77 lbs Standard Payload (Options) Multiple Video Channels Deep Live Boat,Tunnel orTMS Operation Manipulator Options Integral High Pressure Cleaning System Various Skid Options The Mohican ROV features a small diameter tether and high output brushless DC thrusters operating on Sub- Atlantic's 'DynamicVectoring™ system. The Mohican comes with three or six simultaneous video channels transmitted through a fibre-optic telemetry system for sharp, high quality video inspections. The ROV is also equipped with additional power sources for attachment of manipulator and tools such as our high pressure jetting and cleaning skid used in platform inspections. Mohican uses a 3000Volt, 400 Hz power transmission system from surface to ROV resulting in a small tether; main lift cable and launch & recovery system. This transmission system makes Mohican particularly suited for long tunnel inspections and deep live-boating operations.

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Live Boat or TMS Operation boating' mode Systems (LARS) Compact Control Surfaceequipment consists three basic units: ■ Surface Control Unit (SCU) ■ Transformer Power Unit (TPU) incorporating transformer in a floor mounted cabinet ■ Hand Control Unit (HCU) which is The components are generally installed in a ISO control cabin supplied by customer or compact for operation in small control spaces. The three units are linked by interconnecting cables with in a 19 in. rack mount flight case complete with two 9" colour monitors. An additional spare slot can accommodate a video recorder. The rear...

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Reliable Thrusters Mohican uses a 6 thruster configuration to provide maximum horizontal and vertical capability. vectored configuration producing very 'Dynamic Vectoring'system. ■ 2 X SPE180 vertical thrusters vectored outward toclearthe vehicle lower deck leaving it free of cut-outs in way of tools Statorshield™ Technology Subsea thrusters are prone to water entering th rough theshaftsealsand causing short circuit failure of the stator windings . Statorshield™ technology eliminates this problem by the introduction of an internal sealed diaphragm located between the rotor and stator,...

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Tether Management System Launch & Recovery Systems Sub-Atlantic’s cage type TMS is reknown in the industry for ruggedness,, reliability and simplicity. Size 1 suitable for Mohican 350 metres capacity of 16.5 mm diameter tether Stainless steel telescopic frame allowing underslung tool skids on ROV Fully electric, single drive motor Refer to TMS data sheet. Launch and recovery systems can be supplied to different depth requirements and formats such as A-frame or jib crane. Control Cabins Various sizes and configurations available A60 and Zoned specifications Workshop options Mohican ROV...

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