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MOHAWK Inspection ROV System -bub-Atja/itic's fully electric MOHAWK remotely operated vehicle is a small compact, high system which can be used for a variety of underwater taste including observation, survey, High Reliability, Easy Maintenance Sub-Atlantic AC Propulsion Thrusters Multiple Camera and Sensor Interfaces (Optional Auto-Altitude) Plastic Open Frame Design Live Boat orTMS Operation Manipulator Options Tooling Skid Options This small, professional inspection ROV delivers exceptionally high thrust in all directions from Sub-Atlantic's reliable AC power thruster system. Mohawk provides high quality video for inspection work but also has the capabilities for running underslung tool packages such as tree valve torque tools, high pressure water jetting pumps and small hydraulic or electric manipulators. Mohawk is rated at 1000 msw / 3280 fsw standard but can be easily upgraded to 2000 msw / 6560 fsw. Mohawk uses a small diameter main lift cable which reduces the Launch and Recovery System requirements and vessel deck space.

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Live Boat or TMS Operation boating' mode Systems (LARS) Compact Control Surfaceequipmentconsiststhree basic units: ■ Surface Control Unit (SCU) ■ Transformer Power Unit (TPU) incorporating transformer in a floor mounted cabinet ■ Hand Control Unit (HCU) which is The components are generally installed in a ISO control cabin supplied by customer or compact for operation in small control spaces. The three units are linked by interconnecting cables with in a 19 in. rack mount flight case complete with two 9" colour monitors. An additional spare slot can accommodate a video recorder. The rear...

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Reliable Thrusters Mohawk is propelled by five Sub-Atlantic electric motor arranged in the following configuration producing high all round thrust & speed ■ 1 xtwin propellervertical providing near to equal up & down thrust. leadand moulded plugforattachmentto electronics enclosure. Sub-Atlantic's CTEOI reliable brushlessACthruster develops 29 kgf(64 Ibf) of static thrust. The design of the housing allows the statorto be easily replaced ■ Fibre-Optic telemetry system providing 3 can be doubled using two FO telemetry channel. Uplink/Downlink includes 16 channels all with 12 bit resolution....

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The specification details are illustrative for marketing purposes only. Actual equipment may be different as a result of product improvement or other reasons. Specific interface and performance information should be reconfirmed at time of order placement. Sub-Atlantic Ltd. Woodburn Road, Blackburn Business Park, Blackburn,Aberdeen. AB2I OPS. UK Sub-Atlantic Inc. 10642 West LittleYork, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77041-4014-USA

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