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SUBSEA TECHNOLOGIES Geoscience Earth & Marine Services everything remotely possible'

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GEOSCIENCE EARTH & MARINE SERVICES GEMS is a consulting group, within Forum Subsea Technologies, of geoscience, engineering and archaeological professionals, specializing in an integrated approach to solving your seafloor and subsurface technical challenges in an accurate, timely and cost-effective manner. GEMS provides integrated solutions for many of the world’s largest offshore developments. We are committed to being the most trusted and admired provider of innovative solutions supporting the responsible development of marine resources. INTEGRATED APPROACH Part of the GEMS culture is our...

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GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS GEMS engineers have experience in a wide variety of subsea projects and research studies including: • Testing, interpretation, and spatial interpolation of geotechnical engineering properties of soils • Foundation design and analysis, including classical and finite element methods, for oil and gas exploration and production facilities: • Well conductors • Suction caissons • Driven piles • Mudmats • Gravity structures • Various anchors • Novel foundation concepts • Risk assessment and reliability studies • Arctic investigations and related analyses SITE...

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NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program GEOLOGY, GEOPHYSICS AND GEOSCIENCE SOLUTIONS GEMS provides an integrated and comprehensive consulting service offering geohazards evaluations within complex marine environments. Our team of experienced geologists and geoscientists has worked on deepwater projects in various challenging and geologic settings worldwide. We will assist you with avoiding or mitigating those geological conditions that may adversely affect drilling operations or subsurface infrastructure installation. GEMS consultants are capable of: • Identifying and addressing regional and...

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NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program MARINE ARCHAEOLOGY SOLUTIONS The GEMS staff of highly trained, qualified and Department-of-Interior-accepted marine archaeologists specializes in providing expert archaeological assessments and fit-for-purpose recommendations to help avoid costly delays, project cost overruns and regulatory issues. Our experienced staff of marine archaeologists has worked around the world on projects, ranging from the Arctic to South America and from intertidal zones to ultra-deepwater, assessing the potential for prehistoric, historic and modern...

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CONTACT GEMS 10615 Shadow Wood Drive, Suite 200 Houston, TX 77043 USA 713 468 1410 ABOUT FORUM SUBSEA TECHNOLOGIES In the challenging global offshore oil and gas industry, Forum Subsea Technologies continues to lead the way by providing our customers with an extensive range of world class, mission critical products and services. ™ Working together, we deliver everything remotely possible. For more information, please visit For a complete list of all of our locations please visit:

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