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everything remotely possible™ Rotator / Tilt Unit 24Vdc This versatile tilt / actuator unit is used on all our small electric ROV’s for camera positions but also as a latching actuator in our TMS systems. With feedback potentiometers and adjustable limit switches supplied as standard, these rugged units are the perfect choice for the positioning of industry standard subsea cameras and sensors. The gearing system is overrated to resist damage due to collisions. They are oil filled and positively compensated, making them suitable for operation at extreme depth and can be supplied with a range of electrical connector types FEATURES SUB-ATLANTIC PART NUMBERS • 24 Volts DC • 24 Vdc version (Standard): SA-A-0245-MAS • Top Mounting Flange • Drawing number: 0020-GA • Low Backlash • Position Feedback • Robust Design • Adjustable Limit Switches • Integrated Positive Pressure Compensator • Can be Inverted • Various Connector options Specifications DEPTH RATING 3000 metres (6000 optional) OUTPUT TORQUE (STANDARD) 15Nm NOMINAL SPEED (STANDARD) 3.6Nm NOMINAL CURRENT 1.25 Amps VOLTAGE 24 Vdc WEIGHT IN AIR 3.45kg FORUM SUBSEA TECHNOLOGIES Aberdeen: +44 (0) 1224 798660 Houston: 1 713 329 8230 Singapore: +65 657 64300 Brazil: +55 21 2588 8016 Kirkbymoorside, York +44 (0)1751431751

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